Sunday, May 18, 2014

So Much To Catch Up On!

Easter was fun this year. It came and went so quickly though. We didn't have time for our usual Resurrection Rolls. We didn't have time to do all of our Resurrection Eggs, and I ran out of time to go get the things to do the UnEaster Basket like I had planned. This was just the year of non-planning for the usual things. We did however get to do a few other things such as activities from a new book. For several days we did different things based around Scripture related to the Easter Story. 

One day we made a jar of perfume using baby food jars, essential oils and bamboo sticks. This was to illustrate the woman in the Bible who poured out her expensive perfume on Jesus' feet and dried it with her hair.
Another day we took empty cans of vegetables and painted them green then used puff paint to draw palm branches, crosses, leaves, etc... on them. We then tied them together and hung them near the door. We talked about Palm Sunday and read the passage about Jesus riding into the city on a donkey and how the people waved the palm branches and shouted "Hosana" which means "He Saves Us." So every time the cans clanked or rang, one of the kids would call out Hosana and the other would say what it meant. That was fun!
Another day we read about the Jesus washing the disciples feet and what it meant to wash feet back in that day. How feet were extremely dirty and it was almost beneath a servant to wash them. But that Jesus did it willingly and that shows that Jesus had a servant's heart and we should too. So naturally, we filled big pots of water and washed each other's feet. Kids really loved that one! And made a huge mess of it too. 

We avoided the Easter Bunny again this year. It's not that I am against the bunny - well, maybe I am. I just think it's ridiculous to even attempt to tie in a huge 6 foot bunny to the cross. I mean really, how do the two things even remotely relate? Santa is a giving individual who gives gifts. Baby Jesus was the gift. And received gifts from the wisemen. I can do Santa. But the Bunny? Nope! Just can't do it! The bunny didn't die on a cross. A bunny didn't resurrect. A bunny didn't have a last supper with disciples and get betrayed. There is nothing... So the kids know that mom and dad are the Easter Bunny and we pack the baskets. That was fun too - and for anyone who thinks I am a lame mom or one who doesn't let my kids believe in anything, the only other thing I refuse to let them believe in is Cupid...the baby who flies around in his diaper shooting arrows, and the Leprochaun who plays tricks on kids on St Paddy's Day. They get the Tooth Fairy, and Santa :)

Easter morning basket fun!

Easter morning at church

Egg Hunt with our small group after church on Easter

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