Monday, May 19, 2014

Field Day at Carmel Elementary...

Monday marked our Second Annual Field Day for the Carmel Colts and it was the most perfect day imaginable weather wise! Sun was shining, sky was bright blue, and temps were in the 70s. Chloe's class started out the day with an outdoor event. Not sure what it was called because their events are SOOOOO not the same what my field day events were...not even close. Nope - no potato sack races, egg in the spoon races, 50 and 100 yard dashes, standing broad jumps, etc... No ribbons for the first, second and third place winners - because now they are ALL winners ;) I digress though. Where was I? Oh yes, her first event was one where they had to throw some foam balls across a volleyball net to another class while that class lobbed them across towards her class. When the whistle blew, the class who had the most balls on their side "lost". Not sure if they call it losing now though. Maybe the other side are just known to have gotten a point. Next the same two classes had cones spread out across both sides of the net and each class had to try to flip the cones over on the opposite side before the whistle was blown. The kicker though is that your class can turn their own cones back over. That one is a fun one to watch and you can use some strategy on that one. Proudly, Chloe's class killed it on that one!!!

Next up was Sink the Ship, Water Relay and Scooter Soccer. Of those 3, Water Relay was my favorite to watch. They dunked foam balls in water, tossed them down a line of their peers and the last one squeezed it into a bucket. At the end of time, the class with the most water in their bucket won. Again, Chloe's class reigned supreme! Admittedly, I am slightly competitive, but you should have seen her teacher getting in there and helping those kids. LOVE IT!!!

There were a few more games and then it was lunch time and their field day was over. It was a really fun day and I LOVE going to watch field day. However, the second part of the day is one that I may have to pass on next year. It was volunteering in the older grades (3rd-5th) field day. I was placed in the scooter soccer event and it was slight torture. It was an indoor event, it was really loud, I was in charge of the music, and there were a few kids who smarted off to me several times. There was one 5th grade boy that got really nasty with me and I thought to myself that he probably wouldn't do that too many times in middle school before he got what he deserved. Whew!!! I admire teachers more and more after that short stent of time.

Next year will be fun - I will have Chloe and Brody to watch and juggle my time between. Maybe fun is not the about interesting?

Running to flip over a cone

Scooter Soccer about to start

Some of Chloe's friends - Blair, Kirk, Emily

Chloe's best friend, Hannah - at the water relay

forgot about this game - this is one where they had to try to sneak the bean bags out but the ones in the center were the guards and if they tapped you with the pool noodle while you were grabbing the bag you had to drop it. Chloe was FIERCE!!!

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