Sunday, May 18, 2014

Awards, Soccer and Gardens - Spring is Here

Chloe had her third nine weeks awards ceremony which is always a nervous time for  me. I don't know why. I always know she is going to get the award for straight A's. And of course I know if she will get perfect attendance or not - which this time she did not because we were in Disney World. But the one that makes me nervous is the COLT award. It's the one where the teacher has to choose 1 boy and 1 girl from her class who displays good character, leadership, etc... Some teachers will choose the child based on their merit and if they really do deserve it, some will choose the child who doesn't get encouragement at home or may just need the extra at school, and some will just randomly draw a kids' name out of a hat because they don't like to just choose one child. This whole system bothers me. 
Hear me out. When you have a child like Chloe who is a rule follower, has never gotten in trouble at school for anything, is kind to others, is very well liked by everyone, and takes everything to heart, she gets CRUSHED if she is not chosen for the COLT award and immediately wants to know what she didn't do good enough and what she did wrong. She is sad and you can see her shoulders slump when the other kids' name is called. It's heart-breaking to watch when you know she, along with others I am sure, deserve it too.
This particular nine weeks of school, Chloe's teacher decided to ask the Principal if she could award 4 girls and 4 boys with the COLT award - 2 for C, 2 for O, 2 for L, and 2 for T. Brilliant! This way more kids have a chance to win it. The teachers who randomly draw a name don't have to resort to that method. The ones who choose the kids who need extra encouragement can also choose the other kids too who get that at home already. It's a great idea I think! 
So anyways, my point is, Chloe was chosen as the "C" recipient!!! This was the award for displaying the most Character in the classroom! My heart could not have been any more proud of her. And her heart could not have been any happier!

Holding up her two awards

Chloe with her teacher, Mrs. Smith

And soccer season has started (and finished since I haven't blogged in forever)! Chloe has once again dominated the field this year although as the girls age it's getting tougher so the games are more low scoring. It's been fun to watch the girls play this season as this is their 3rd or 4th playing together so they are really in a groove and are beginning to pass to each other, figure out some plays, and it's not all about "give me the ball." I think we finished the season 5-3. Chloe scored  2-7 goals each game and ended the season well. She decided to stick with rec for another season so we are not going to travel soccer yet. We will keep re-evaluating each season but for now, rec is perfect for everyone involved.

And finally, we went to Rivers and Spires Festival a few weekends ago and hung out for a while for a family day. It was hot...really hot! Kids had a blast for several hours doing all of the things in the Kids Zone but once that was over, they were ready to peace out and head home. David and I were right there with them. We were all tired. Here was the highlight of the day...Chloe climbing the rock wall tower. She killed it!

And finally - gardening! Brody and I picked our day and got our vegetable garden started. And what better way to start it than to put his green bean plant that he planted at school in our garden first? This year we decided to grow green beans, red and green bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and roma tomatoes. 
Brody is always a HUGE help in the garden! He loves to help till the soil, dig the holes for the seeds, plant the seeds, cover them up and water. He then will help me out by watering them periodically and picking the veggies when it's time. I love that we do this together. It's kind of our special thing. It's the second year in a row that we have done this - just me and him. 
After this garden, we also planted some flowers around the kids' playset and in the front porch planters. He helped me pick those out at Walmart. He chose red and pink somethings (have no idea) for the playset area, and lavender-ish dahlias for the front porch. Great choices!!! Things are growing and looking great!

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