Sunday, May 4, 2014

Cards for a Cause

I am curious to know how many of you are like me in that you always have the best intentions of getting birthday, get well, congrats, thank you, or other cards in the mail ON TIME but you either forget to pick them up at the store or you just don't even make it there on time. Or maybe you are super awesome like me and you buy the card EARLY and then you put it away somewhere and forget where you put it. That takes real talent!

Hang with me, I'm getting to a point...promise! I tweeted a few weeks ago that I needed adoption fundraiser ideas and my new friend Heather responded that she could help me out! I immediately went to her website and I was blown away by not just the content...but the quality.

So the product is 30 handmade all occasion greeting cards. I know, I aren't jumping up and down for joy yet. Just hang on, it's coming. These cards are not just regular cards; they are so super cute and sassy! They are all different, have embellishments, and are individually wrapped. That just screams FANCY to me! AND, they all have coordinated envelopes. So, not only do your friends and family get a super cute card, they also get a fun envelope too when they first open their mailbox. That just screams "somebody loves me!!!" Oh, and you get an awesome keepsake box with a magnetic closure to store them in.

So here are some pictures of the box, with the dividers and I just randomly chose 15 cards to show you. ALL of them were cute so I literally just chose a few from each category.

Ignore the glare...I didn't want to remove the plastic from them and risk a
 kid or dog getting them dirty while I set them up to photograph them :)

Here is the best part of all - the price!!! It's all of this (30 cards and the box) for only $30. That is literally $1 per card. Actually less if you count the awesome box that they are stored in! You cannot get a card this nice at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, (you get my point) for any less than $3.99 each. I should know because I went and looked.

So, I am going to be selling these for TWO weeks! ONLY 2. Please order some as 1/3 of your purchase will go straight to our adoption.  You can email me at about placing an order. Please share this post with your friends, on Facebook, Twitter or whatever other social media you have. The more the merrier :)


Heather Graham said...

These cards are beautiful!! The pictures don't do them justice. Here is a YouTube video of the cards too. Good luck!!!

Kelly Blevins said...

You are right Heather! My camera does not do them justice and if any of my friends reading this are local, just call me or get in touch and I will bring the set I have over to show.