Saturday, March 15, 2014

Snow! In March?!?

All winter long, we have been threatened with snow. And if you live in the south, you don't take those predictions lightly! You know that everybody and their brother goes to Walmart for their milk and bread just in case and then are highly shocked when nothing happens weather wise. But it never fails that with the next threat of bad weather, the vicious cycle begins again and everyone is up in arms about it. Ha! Because David and I lived in Columbus, OH for several years, we tend to not worry about it and can roll with it easily. We have lived in worse for sure!

Anyways, after hearing for the 12th time this season that we were expecting another snowmageddapocalypalooza, we were over it and didn't believe it for a second. However, around 7:00 that evening we started hearing the ice fall. Then around 8:00 our deck was covered in was sleet. And then several hours later we had 3 inches of sleet covered by a 1/2 inch of ice. And by the morning when we woke up all of that was covered with several inches of snow. For once the meteorologists were correct!

So when my kids woke up and realized that there was snow outside and they weren't going to school, we called the neighbors who happen to be our best friends and this is what took place for several hours.

view out of our dining room window

Chloe and Alyssa

Kailyn and Brody

Brody giving Kailyn a push in his Gator

me and Misty

Chloe and Brody

This was all fun and wonderful and awesome until Chloe missed an entire week of school because of this mess. Now, she has to extend her school day for 30 minutes to make up for days missed. This means she will be in school until 4:15 every afternoon which means we won't be home from car circle until about 4:30. Wish we could just make it up all at once instead of doing it this way. Blah! It was fun while it lasted though :)

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