Thursday, February 27, 2014

Disney - Day 3 - Animal Kingdom

We woke up this morning and ventured over to Animal Kingdom. This turned out to be everyone's favorite park by far!
We started out with a character breakfast at the Tusker House where we met Mickey, Daisy, Donald, and Goofy. Once again, we had fabulous service by the chef who walked with us through the buffet and showed us exactly what was safe for Chloe to eat. He then whipped up a special breakfast for her since nearly everything was something she was allergic to. It all turned out perfectly!

Since we had breakfast there, we were able to be in the park an hour before it opened and were able to get to the rides a bit before everyone else. Such a perk! We started out by riding through Kilamanjaro Safari. That was incredible. It was cool enough that the animals were all out and doing their thing. The kids LOVED this! They couldn't stop pointing and saying "look at this...look over there...look at that!" The excitement on their faces and in their voices was priceless! We all learned a lot on this tour about animals, and their habitats. After this, we finished up by walking through Pangini Forest and seeing the gorillas, birds, and underwater hippos. Super cool!!! The kids got an explorer's book that had little badges to collect throughout the park at different stations so they loved this - especially Chloe. This was fun as it was a very educational park as well as adventurous.

Next up was a train ride over to Rafiki's Planet where the first "people" we ran into were Chip and Dale! Yep, the chipmunks were having a party so the kids joined in and got involved. They played a little game like hot potato with a giant stuffed acorn. Whoever ended up with the acorn had to get in the middle of the circle with Chip and Dale and dance. Guess who had to first? Yep, Chloe. She loved it though! She was so cute dancing with them!! Brody had a good time too but said he was glad he didn't have to do it. 

Chloe was like "hurry up mom, this thing is freaking me out!"

learning all about the iguanas

decoding something in her explorer's handbook

After that we went and did the petting zoo for a few minutes which wasn't that great, but something to do and it gave Chloe and Brody another badge for their explorer's book...the hand washing badge. Ha!

brushing the goat - Chloe has a love for animals that I am not sure where it came from other than God. She says she wants to be a pet vet when she grows up :)

found the pig!

Then, it was time for the RIDES!!!! First up was Kali River Rapids. We all loved this one. Brody especially. He wanted to ride it again as soon as we got off because he wanted to get wetter. Haha! So much fun. Next was Expedition Everest roller coaster. It was big and it was fast! 55mph fast. It went frontwards and backwards! It was great!!! Chloe loved it and wanted to do it again. Brody only liked it and didn't want to get back on it. He didn't like going backwards. Me? Well, I'm with Chloe. More, more, more!!! 

the outer part of the Expedition Everest coaster...EEEEE!!!! Love!!!

Another shot of the tracks going up into the mountain...

Next was Dinosaurland which was just okay. We rode Dinosaur which was okay. Not too much to write home about, but it was fine. Kids really liked it!

And of course while we were there we enjoyed some shows in Africa, the sights and food in Asia, and just everything about the place. Animal Kingdom was definitely the best park we went to!!!

This guy was great entertainment as we passed through Asia!

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