Thursday, February 27, 2014

Disney - Day 2 - Magic Kingdom

This morning we woke up early and started the day with breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Castle. With our reservations, we were able to enter the park an hour early and enjoy Main Street before it got crazy crowded with tons of people. This afforded us to be able to take these fun pictures...

After checking in for breakfast, we were treated like royalty...truly! They even called David a King. Ha! We first met Cinderella herself downstairs as she greeted each guest before we were taken upstairs to our tables. Once seated, the other princesses came around to each table after they were introduced over the loud speaker and a little of their story was told. At our table, they each signed the kids' pillowcases and posed for pictures with the kids. They were so sweet and kind to pose for pictures with my good camera and our cell phone cams. Ridiculous, I know! During breakfast, each child also received a magic wand or a sword (for boys) and towards the end of the meal were taught how to wave them around and do a little wishing spell (or something like that). It was PRESH!!! But the thing that blew me away the most at this restaurant was when we sat down, Chloe got very sad because amazing looking pastries were placed on our table and she knew she couldn't have any. We told the waiter that we had filled out an allergy form and within minutes the chef was at our table. He went over all of her 7 allergies with us and immediately we had pastries that she could eat sitting right in front of her. This mama almost lost it when I saw her grinning ear to ear. You have no idea how hard it is to make anything for her or even eat out anymore because of her allergies and we knew this was going to be a very hard trip dining-wise. Gluten free doesn't just cut it because most of those products are made with rice or potato flours...both of which she is allergic to also. I was just blown away at the service that Disney provided and how they took such great care of our princess Chloe.

My princess Chloe so incredibly happy with her wheat free, dairy free, 
rice free, potato free muffins! 

Prince Brody 

Loved that he got a sword!

with Snow White

with Princess Aurora - Sleeping Beauty

with Princess Jasmine

with Ariel...the Little Mermaid

in the middle of closing her eyes and making a wish
she took this very seriously 

Brody making his wish too and being just as serious

After breakfast, the riding began. We are a thrill ride seeking set of parents so I knew going into this that there would be no talk of scary rides. We would only talk about how fun and exciting they were and how tall you had to be. Ha!!! We started easy with the Stitch ride and worked our way up all the way to Space Mountain. David had his reservations about them riding that one, but I knew I was riding it with or without them and he was too. Neither of us was going to stand in the long line when we all had fast passes so that meant we all do it! The kids did great!!! Chloe simply tolerated it. She liked it. Brody on the other hand jumped off saying "THAT WAS AWESOME!!!" Yes! I love that my kids will ride coasters too! Another favorite of mine and Brody's at MK was the tea cups. We spun those things as fast as we could and then tried to go faster. He LOVES those things. Chloe rode with David as she didn't want to go as fast...she gets too dizzy on them so we told them they had to get their own cup. Sorry...

lined up to race the cars...

dear Jesus help me! Brody was my driver and it's a good thing
this car was on a track. 

the tea cups finally!!!!


Chloe concentrating on the road while driving her race car 

a  little sibling love outside of the teacups

Peter Pan ride...this was a really fun little ride!

It's A Small World. Kids loved it and it brought back memories of 
my childhood and riding it when I was around Chloe's age.

FINALLY...Space Mountain! The before shot...

We met lots of characters this day and got lots of signatures...

Buzz was our favorite by far. Super friendly and engaging. 

We caught a show by chance at the castle while we were walking by on the way to another ride.

Alice  and the Rabbit

Next up was Enchanted Tales with Belle. This was a really cool experience. It was a group experience where everyone went into Belle's home and learned a little about her past and then a magic mirror opened. After that, some of the children were selected to be in a performance for Belle. Chloe was chosen to be Belle's horse, Phillipe.  It was really fun to watch and then afterwards she got to have her picture made with Belle.

After this, David and the kids wanted to go back to the hotel. WHAT?!? REALLY?!? We are in Disney World people!!! I was totally against it, but lost this battle. He accused me of being the Clark W. Griswold of our family, and yeah, I was. I admit it. But come on people, we are on vacation!!! We have things to do, places to go, rides to ride, characters to meet, etc...

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