Saturday, February 1, 2014

I Missed An Entire Month

How is it already February and I didn't blog here even once in January?!? Really? Honestly, it was a busy month full of nothing-ness but routine.

We got back into the swing of things from Christmas break which was HARD. School, Soccer Academy 2 nights/week and gymnastics 1/week. And with school starting back the PTO treasurer resigned so I am the new treasurer.

first day back from Christmas vacay

There was the 2nd nine weeks awards ceremony for which Chloe got Straight A Honor Roll again!

going up to get her award

so proud!!!

Chloe and her awesome teacher, Mrs. Smith

There were date days with each kid and shameless selfies...

We tried to stay warm with the coldest days in middle TN in 100 years. It was like -20 wind chill temps. Stupid Cold! Brrr! Even this hot natured mama was freezing!!! Schools were a mess due to in pipes burst, schools were cancelled, classes were freezing cold, Chloe came home complaining that she was cold all day etc... Frustrating for sure. But in the midst of these crazy cold temps, we got like 1 cm of snow. Yes, you read that right. Oh, they were calling for a Snowmageddonpocalypse, but we ended up with about 1 cm and some severely disappointed kids. Ugh! There is still time though. They are calling for round 2 of the Snowmageddonpocalypse tomorrow. Bring it!!! My kids have snow pants and are begging to use them!

I had a lovely visit to the ER for a kidney stone and had kidney stone surgery the next day. It was less than stellar. The ER treated my pain so well that they gave me TOO much pain medicine (Dilaudid) which caused a reaction of severe itching. Like the worst itching you could imagine...everywhere. And I was puking. So they hit me up with 50mg of Benadryl and 50mg of Phenergan. They never admitted that they gave me too much but we put the pieces together  later when the anesthesia doctor told us that they had and then David said "well that makes sense then as to why they didn't want us to leave the ER and told me to monitor your breathing at home until we could get back to the surgery center." Oh my word!!! I didn't remember that because I was drugged, but for the love!!!

So, other than that, David went skiing for a long weekend and Chloe had an indoor soccer tournament one weekend...for which her team took first place.

Maybe this month will be much more exciting...I promise it will be. We are going to the happiest place on earth. Oooh, maybe we will be there with the team who wins the Super Bowl. Aren't they the ones who say they are going to Disney World?!? See you there Peyton!!!!

Random Other Photos This Month

she said "I need to not be disturbed mom."

And meet Ricky... Brody's polar bear who is dressed in Brody's toboggan and under-roos. 

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