Friday, February 28, 2014

Disney Day 5 - Magic Kingdom Again

Ah, last day at Disney and we chose to go back to Magic Kingdom and do the other side of the park. We started out the day a little slower since we had no reservations until dinner time and no fast passes until the early afternoon.

Our first visit was to Mickey's PhilHarmonic 3D show. We loved it! The kids said it was their favorite show out of all of the parks. And I agree. Best 3D show that we saw. Next, we headed over to the Hall of Presidents and spent a little time giving the kids a history Ronald Reagan was the best President in the history of the United States of America. Chloe liked looking at the dresses that the First Ladies wore and Brody just wanted to peace out and go ride rides. I feel your pain little man...we are in Disney World after all. There is only so much of the Hall of Presidents you can take at the happiest place on Earth, right?

After this, we did the Jungle Cruise which was cute. Kids loved it. We thought it was fun because we had a hysterical guide! She was awesome. After that we did Pirates of the Carribean. We all thought this was a great ride! They did a fabulous job recreating Jack Sparrow and the other pirates. Incredible!

Next up...and last for us as far as rides on this day was Thunder Mountain roller coaster. Yay!!! We had our last coaster of the trip and it was a blast! We loved it. Kids loved it. It was perfect!

After this, we headed back to our room to rest up for a while before our spectacular dinner reservations at the Be Our Guest Castle! This is the castle from the movie Beauty and the Beast. It has only been open for 15 months and takes the normal 6 months for reservations. We were both thrilled and lucky to have gotten a slot during our trip!

When we arrived, we were escorted into the large ballroom for our dinner. Again, we were lucky as there were two side rooms that also had dining but they were nowhere as beautiful or grand. The menu was all French foods and the scenery was exactly like it was in the movie...EXACTLY!!

After the experience of dinner, we were told to walk around and through each room in the castle, take pictures and enjoy and then as we were leaving we could stop in the grand room where Gaston would take a picture with the kids. All of that was awesome but when we got to where the Beast, Gaston was both kids froze for a minute. As he stood, they both realized just how huge he really was. Brody refused to get near him. Chloe on the other hand, reluctantly made her way to him and did a quick pose then exited stage left. Ha!

It was a the perfect way to end a perfect vacation. I have always thought about the day we would take our kids to Disney for the first time. What it would be like, what they would think of it, if they would remember it, etc... I think it is safe to say that is far exceeded my expectations, and was more than any of us could have ever hoped for.

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