Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Trip To "That State Up North"

When I lived in Columbus, Ohio all of the crazy OSU Buckeye fans would not even say the M word (Michigan). Instead, they would refer to it as "that state up north." Haha! I thought that was a little extreme - especially given that I was born and raised in NC - home of UNC/Duke rival. However, they took it very seriously and I learned quickly to never say the M word.

Several weeks ago though, I took my first trip to Michigan...Grand Rapids area to be exact. My younger brother and his family recently moved there from Seattle and were expecting baby #2. I was all set to go up and help with my niece while my SIL went to the hospital to have the new baby. I was supposed to leave on 10/25 and come back home on 11/2. However, the best laid plans always have a way of changing.

The Friday that Fall Break started I ended up flying to Grand Rapids as she was already dilated to 3 and 60% effaced. Sure that she was going to go into labor that weekend, we all agreed that I should come early and stay 10 days...better safe than sorry, right? Well, despite the walking, yoga, taking care of a 3 year old, errand running, baby in the birth canal, and contractions, my newest niece did not make her entrance into the world during my 10 day stay.

Disappointment was the word for the day as I checked in at the airport to return home. I couldn't believe I was leaving and not getting to meet baby Ruth. I so wanted to hold and snuggle this newest family member and help sweet Adalynn adjust to having a new baby at home. But, God knew this baby's birthday long before we ever did (by the way, she was born the day after I was originally supposed to arrive - haha), and it was in His perfect timing! She was born perfect and healthy and BEAUTIFUL!

And as a major plus for me, I got to spend 10 glorious days getting reconnected with my 3 year old niece Adalynn, my brother who I hadn't seen in 2 years because of deployments, and my sister-in-law who is truly like a sister to me. I couldn't have been more blessed!!!

on the way to the neighborhood park

me and my little brother after dining at the local Ethiopian restaurant...loved getting to 
introduce him and his family to a culture that I love so much

Adalynn having a blast in the mud - she's getting ready to travel those muddy roads in Ethiopia when her Aunt Kelly, Uncle David and Cousins Chloe and Brody in several years :)

A little dollar store fun on a rainy day - doing some squats too - anything to help 
baby Ruth make her way into the world while I was there...

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Kimberly and Jordan said...

Love the pics! Stealing a couple. SO glad you were here. I need the sanity break like whoa. We had fun!