Sunday, September 15, 2013

It's Soccer Season Again!!!

I love the transition from summer to fall. Not only does it mean cooler weather is on the way, but it also means my girl gets to hit the soccer field once again!! There is nothing like being on the sidelines watching Chloe play her little heart out.

This year we have decided to put her in Fusion Academy for some more intense training. We know that she has been gifted with a natural talent for soccer and this is something that she has stuck with since she was 4 years old. We want to foster this ability and encourage her along the way. Fusion is a great way to do that and she is now at a good age for it.

So after going to Fusion for a few weeks, she was invited to join the High Performance Academy which is invitation only and they practice an extra hour every other week and get more intense training. This is the group of kids that they are grooming for the travel soccer league. Eeek! Not sure about all of that but we are taking it one thing at a time and letting her ENJOY it without all of the pressure.

So at her first game this past Saturday, Chloe scored 7 goals! SEVEN!!!! I was floored. Her footwork was amazing and more skilled than ever before which I credit to Fusion. She was aggressive in going after the ball and she even played defense very well. I could not have been more proud of her! Hoping to get some video at the next game. Until then here are some pictures.

check her out...the only blue shirt in the sea of yellows! Go after it Chloe!!!

Ready for kick off!

Another day, another game, another goal...NEXT!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mother-Son Date Knight

When Brody was just 3 years old, we attended our first Mother Son Date Knight at Chick-fil-A. It was a great event. Many memories were made as Brody STILL remembers details from that night that I had forgotten. I just remember how handsome he looked in his long sleeve green shirt with an appliqued tie on it.

Fast forward to present day and now he is 5. We attended the event again. It was scheduled for 4:30 but Brody was dressed by 12:15. Chloe did his hair for him. She wet it and combed it over so that he would look "super handsome." She was very meticulous and he was crazy proud of his hair. He chose to wear his white polo shirt guessed it, an appliqued tie on it along with his dark blue jeans and star wars shoes. He was precious. Just precious!!!

At 4:00 he was chomping at the bit to go so we went on and were promptly seated by the hostess at our booth of choice. The whole back section of the restaurant was decorated like a castle since the theme was "KNIGHTS." There were placemats with questions on it for me to ask Brody, and the marketing director brought over a shield for Brody to draw and color on as a family crest. We talked about what our family values were and he chose to draw a mouse which represent TRUST. In our family we choose to TRUST in God and TRUST God in all things. We also trust each other.

So after we finished the activities and eating, he looked at me and said "mommy, I don't ever want this date to end!" My heart melted. Like really melted in that moment. It was an hour. Only one hour that was spent one on one with him just being intentional but it meant the world to him and me both. I would not trade that hour for anything in this world. Priceless. I encourage everyone to take some time with each of your children separately and just get out and talk. Invest in them and let them know that you really do care. We tend to get so caught up in the day to day tasks that we forget how just a little bit of time can make a HUGE difference for everyone.

getting ready to go out on our date!

our menu and questions to ask each other

check out the fancy decorations that Chick-fil-A did

Working hard on the family crest

dessert time - he got ice cream and went to the special toppings bar they
had set up just for the date night attendees

the finished product 

Monday, September 2, 2013


Labor Day weekend was lots of fun this year as we decided to do something fun and different than we usually do. We got up early that day, packed some snacks, coated ourselves in bug spray and sunscreen and headed down to the Red River to go canoeing...or as Brody calls it "kazooing".

We chose the 3-5 hour trip and figured it would take the entire 5 hours...or maybe 6. However, the kids (and I) did awesome for never really having canoed before. David was the expert and was the "captain." He sat in the back and steered and told me which side to paddle on. The kids also had paddles and they helped...ok, they smacked each other with the paddles, drug them along the water slowing us down, and dropped them in the water. But it was fine. They only asked twice how much longer we had on the river and they only had to pee once. We stopped a few times to get out, have a snack and skip rocks or just play in the water. 

The weather was perfect! Not too hot, and a gentle breeze blowing. We saw 13 turtles sunning on the logs and several fish swimming along. The canoe/kazoo didn't flip over at all (victory!) and we finished the trip in 3 hours. After that, we grabbed lunch at a local cafe by the river and headed home to rest, relax and get ready for a night of soccer for Chloe.

The perfect Labor Day!!!

row row row your boat

rope swinging area

boys having fun

Family Fun - Labor Day 2013

learning to skip rocks