Sunday, August 11, 2013

We Have A Plan!

We FINALLY have finished ALL allergy testing and have met again with Chloe's GI doctor at Vanderbilt. I am so thrilled that we have answers and a plan that I don't even know what to do. It feels good that we can start to move forward with this whole thing.

So, here's the ins and outs of it. Chloe is NOT allergic to chicken after-all. It was mildly reactive on the first test and didn't react at all on the second test so we are in the clear as the second one is much more sensitive than the first. HOWEVER, she IS allergic to the following:
HIGHLY allergic to - beef and potatoes
MODERATELY allergic to - rice and peanuts and peaches
MILDLY allergic to - carrots

So, what does this mean for her and us? Well, she doesn't like rice or peaches so we are good there. She can go without peanuts and carrots as those aren't really staples in her diet anyways. As for the others, well we will switch to turkey or chicken hot dogs for her and ground turkey or ground chicken for taco meat. She doesn't really like red meat anyways too much so this won't be too difficult. The potatoes on the other hand...well, she LOVES her waffle fries at "daddy's Chick-fil-A" and cried the first day she couldn't have them. Brody and I didn't have them either and we all had the fruit instead and she was okay. Later that night she wanted some chips and not thinking I let her have a few potato chips. David called me out on it and I felt horrible. I took them away and gave her something else. She was okay though as she isn't a big chip eater anyways. It's going to be a learning curve for all of us.

I've had to let the school nurse know, and her teacher know. She has also been put on a steroid spray that we squirt into her throat twice/day that will hopefully clear up her esophagus. There is a 50% chance that she could outgrow this in a few years. The only way for us to really know if she is getting better before she has another endoscopy done is whether her vomiting and reflux stops. I feel like it will based on how highly she reacted to the beef and potatoes and how we are going to cut those out of her diet.

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