Sunday, July 14, 2013

Results and Ethiopia

First, if you are interested in reading about our trip to Ethiopia, you can follow along on my other blog. Click on the "Praise You In This Storm" button on the right sidebar and it will take you there. We had no internet the whole time we were there so I had to journal the old fashioned way and am now transferring it to the blog along with pictures. I am through day 3 I believe and about to post day 4.

Now, as for Chloe and her endoscopy. We got the results back and she does have Eosinophilic Esophagitis (I blogged about it in the previous post). What does this mean? Well, as soon as we got back in the country, we spoke with her GI doctor who gave us those biopsy results. Two days later we saw the pediatric allergist at Vanderbilt who did an allergy test (the pricks all over her back) and told us that she is highly allergic to trees and moderately allergic to chicken...not a good thing since we own a Chick-fil-A. Haha! There is another part to the allergy testing though that she will have done on August 2. It is called the PATCH test and it, along with the skin pricks, are the "gold standard" that Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and Cincinnati Children's Hospital use...and now Vanderbilt Children's. This is the test where she will have baby food placed on her back and covered with patches...they will stay on for the weekend and we will remove them on a Sunday. She will go back in to the doctor on Monday and they will see what reactions she has. I guess they are looking for a delayed reaction maybe?? I need to do some more research because honestly I was so shocked that she is allergic to chicken that my mind kept wandering to what we would eat now since most of our meals consist of chicken.
Chloe is fine though! We were instructed not to change anything dietary wait and let the GI clinic get all of the results in and let them tell us what to do once all testing is done. As for the trees, they told us to just wash her face and hands off every time she comes inside from playing and to bathe her every night to get the pollens off.

Side note...we are also waiting on one last biopsy result to show if she has a milk allergy as allergy testing any other way is only about 30% accurate. They rely on the biopsy to look at the different proteins. I will be shocked if it comes back negative since we have removed 85% of the dairy from her diet and her asthma is super well controlled now. Lord help us if we have to remove the other 15%...and chicken. The child may go hungry :/