Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Break - Week 3

So we have just finished up the third full week of summer break...and technically it's not even summer for 4 more days. Anywho, it was a pretty laid back week that went on forever and ever. Very slowwwwww.
Chloe was in Outdoor Living camp at the YMCA this week. She learned to build a fire (well, stack the wood for a fire), shoot a bow and arrow, and she made a peanut bird feeder. She also got to swim every afternoon. She seemed to enjoy it but I don't think outdoor living is really her thing. Haha! On Thursday she asked not to go and I didn't make her and instead I took her and Brody to the summer movie program at the mall. We watched Hotel Transylvania with every other child in Clarksville who's parents are trying to find something to do. It was fun and a good deal. For $12, we got 3 movie tickets, 3 kiddie popcorns, 3 fruit snacks and 3 small drinks. Normally that would be somewhere around $50.

Other notable things we did this week were:
* Chloe and Brody had play dates with their sibling friends Zoe and Lawson. All went really well...until I heard a loud crash and then Brody and Lawson both yelled "That was awesome!!!" I didn't hear crying so I didn't even go see what was so awesome. They're boys so 'nuff said.
* Brody and I went to Liberty Park one morning and played
* I went to CrossFit 3 mornings
* Chloe won Camper of the Week - yay!!!

This coming week should be interesting as it will be the first full week that both kids are home all day long together. We have things planned though and I will definitely be busy getting packed and ready for our trip to Ethiopia.

Chloe's letter to her tooth fairy, Flossie. She literally LOST her tooth...

One of the views from Liberty Park which is on the Cumberland River

Brody has been trying all summer to climb up on this thing and he finally devised a way to do so. The only problem now is him getting down alone....


Put the boy to work watering the garden.

Check out all these shoes that will bless the people in Ethiopia in just 14 days!!!!

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