Saturday, June 29, 2013

Chloe's Test

Yesterday Chloe had an upper endoscopy done at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. I think I blogged about her symptoms earlier, but here's a short recap - ferocious in throwing up whole carrots and other foods several hours after a meal, breath always smelling like vomit, and most recently pain associated with this. 
Upon arrival to the pre-op area, Chloe was quickly taken back to a room and had all of her vital signs and measurements done. The doctor came in to go over the procedure and then the anesthesia docs followed suit. During most of this, Chloe was a mess of tears and begging to go home. 
Next came the child life specialist who went through everything with Chloe on her level and showed her pictures on her iPad of what everything would look like. Then she let Chloe pick out a coloring book to keep and some markers to use. Next her nurse came in and told Chloe she could color on the sheets! WHAT?!? So naturally, David and I started writing on the sheets and Chloe joined in. 
She was finally settling down...until she had to pee and I made her put her gown on in the restroom. She was so mad and started crying again because she said the gown was too ugly to wear! Haha!!! I had to fight to get it on her and assure her that the gown was a pretty color and all of the kids HAD to wear one. She finally put it on but was not happy about it at all and told me I could NOT take pictures of her. 
When it came time for her to go to the operating room, the surgical nurse gave Chloe a piggy back ride to the OR and that was it. She didn't look back for us, she was content to go with her and I was relieved...until we made our way to the waiting room where my nerves set in. I wasn't worried about her procedure, but about her being afraid before they got her put to sleep. I just couldn't bear the thought of her crying and wanting mommy and me not being there. UGH! 
Thirty minutes later though the doctor came in and told us that she was done. She took 4 biopsies to check for Eosinophilic Esophagitis but she said that the esophagus, stomach and small intestine didn't appear to have any damage to it. We will have definitive answers when we get back from our trip and will get our plan of care. It may be as simple as a dietary change or a change of medicine. 
So glad it is over and done with and Chloe is too!!! 

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