Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer Break - week 1

Well technically it was 1/2 a week, but who is counting? Oh wait, that would be me! Two hours into summer break both of my kids were sent to their rooms for whining and fighting with each other. Several hours after that I was sent to my room by myself to take a hot bath and get away from all of the sibling rivalry that was going on. Twenty minutes into my nice hot bubble bath, I had a kid who decided to dive into my whirlpool tub with me and another who raced in the bathroom and ended up spilling ice cold gatorade into my bath all over me. Grrrr!!!! I yelled and then had to get out of the bath as I wasn't going to be able to relax in an orange gatorade filled bath. Before the yelling continued, I literally started praying and asking God to guard my mouth and my words and I seriously felt God reminding me that His mercies are new every morning. I knew right then that we all needed to go to bed so I could get those new mercies. And what do you know...the next few days were GLORIOUS!!!

Thursday we had one of Chloe's friends, Kayla come over for the morning while her mom went to work for a few hours. Kayla's mom and I are friends as we both have had breast cancer, both were diagnosed when our kiddos were babies, and both of our girls are going into first grade. They live right around the corner from us and our husbands drive the same Jeep Wrangler. We also both go to Vanderbilt and share the same team of doctors and nurses. Anyways, Kayla, Chloe and Brody played for several hours Thursday morning and then we met her mom at Chick-fil-A for lunch and some catch-up time for me and her. It was a fun day and a relaxing one at that.

Friday I took the kids to DINOSAUR WORLD in Cave City, Kentucky. It was pretty neat. I definitely will take them back, but next time I will plan it when David can go and when we can make a weekend of it so that we can go hiking and touring around in all of the caves around there...namely MAMMOTH CAVE State Park. Back to the dinosaurs though...it was a fun impromptu trip. We headed out around 10:30, and arrived around noon. We toured the park, read about every kind of dinosaur you can imagine and got to see life-size statues of them. It really was pretty cool. We also got to dig for fossils and keep the 3 best ones we found. Brody ended up keeping a shark's tooth and 2 sea urchin fossils while Chloe kept an Ammorite stone, a shark's tooth, and some sort of coral thingy. After that, they went into a large sand pit and played paleontologists. They dug and swept around the dinosaur bones, used their crazy imaginations, and just had a big time doing so. After that, we went into the museum and looked at dino remains for a while and then hit the playground for a while before getting on the road for our drive home. The kids were SO GOOD for the entire day. We really had a great time.
After getting home, we had family movie night which was Iron Man. The kids fell asleep pretty early into it and I wasn't far behind them.

All in all, a good start to our summer break. Can't wait for next week. Chloe is going to soccer camp at Austin Peay State University. And Brody and I have some things lined up since he is too young for camp.

For now though, some pics...

all over this park were signs that read: DO NOT CROSS THE ROPE! Brody just had to touch them though...he couldn't help himself.

notice who crossed the ropes...despite the 1000 signs that said DON"T...but then again, notice that I had to snap a picture of it before I corrected them. 

In the fossil dig

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