Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Random Pictures (aka iPhone picture dump)

I so need to update with several things so the easiest way to start is to do an iphone picture dump and get going. Here are the random pictures I took on random days just because. Enjoy.

Chloe's longest time friend, Kirk. These two have known each other since she was 4 months old. I hope they will always be good buddies. 

Me and Chloe at the Roxy Regional Theater getting ready to see Peter Pan

Chloe talked me into buying her some "fairy dust" at the play! Who can resist?!?

Another spring and yet another next in our grill.

Brody asked me one day how to spell out everything on his chore chart, so I told him how each word was spelled while he made his own chart. Ha! It says: Get dressed, brush teeth, shoes on, eat breakfast. The only letter I helped him on was the K. He even did the three dots on his A in breakfast. 
Not bad for a 4 year old boy, huh?

Sheriff Brody to the rescue!!

And then this is what happens when Brody's big sister gets ahold of him on Saturday morning...he transforms in to a girl-y Brody. 
No worries, I used to dress my little brother in tu-tus and jazz outfits and he turned into one great soldier :)

Hydrangeas on the front porch that I have managed to keep alive for a month now.

our azalea bushes along the side of the house. I love springtime!!!

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Kimberly and Jordan said...

Brody is getting so tall, as usual. I agree-I love some NC Zoo! We only got through Africa last summer.