Friday, May 3, 2013

First Annual Night of the Arts at Carmel

Last night was Carmel Elementary's first annual Night of the Arts. Each grade was assigned a continent to learn about, write about, and then decorate their hallway with things from that area. You should have seen it (and you are about to with the pics I took...ha!). I am so incredibly proud of the kindergarten hallway especially because me, along with some other awesome kindergarten parents, and teachers helped transform the Kindergarten hallway into a rainforest representing South America using nothing but paper.
As we made our way around the school last night, we were given passports to have stamped. Check out the places that we visited...


A little blurry but this is Chloe's paper about piranahs

The 3 toed sloth

The Amazon River with all of Chloe's class's piranha's


Chloe's piranha is the purple one with green spots

Chloe's toucan

Looking down the hall

Chloe's paper about the rainforests

Welcome to South America!!!

Next Stop was AFRICA on the First Grade Hall

I just thought this was hilarious...I can so see Brody writing 
something like this when he is in school

Then we ventured to ANTARCTICA on the second grade hall

This igloo was made of empty milk gallons. Cute, huh?

Next stop was ASIA on the third grade hall

St Petersburg...

Lanterns and lights galore

Chinese Dragon

Then we went to AUSTRALIA on the fourth grade hall

The Sydney Opera House

boomerang central

And I failed to get any pictures of the North America hall (5th grade). This was a great night and such a fun learning experience for all of us!!! I can't imagine how they will top this next year. 

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