Sunday, May 19, 2013

Field Day Fun At Carmel Elementary

This was Chloe's first field day ever and boy was it FUN!!! The first part of the day, grades K-2 had their events and I watched Chloe's class participate at each station. There was basketball tossing, water relays, cone flips, volleyball, beanbag tag, hula hoops, and a few more I am surely forgetting. The kids were so cute (as you will see in the pics and videos I am posting) and had the best sportsmanship whether they won or lost. I was thrilled to be able to go with Chloe today and watch her compete and she was equally as excited to have field day.
After the lower grades were finished, I stayed on to volunteer for the older grades. I was placed in the basketball event. Basically it was just getting rebounds, making sure the kids didn't get too crazy, and making sure they followed the rules. Good times! Each class was so well behaved and had so much fun. I loved seeing them get excited and cheer on each other.

I can't wait to help in next year's field day. I love that Chloe goes to this brand new school with the most top notch teachers and administrators who really love parent involvement. I've been blessed to be able to volunteer in her class two days/week this year along with being active in the PTO. Carmel Colts rock!!! And FYI, I've also been blessed to have been able to walk my kid into school every single day this year except for 3...she still hasn't outgrown mommy too much! LOVE!!!

This was the basketball toss game. Chloe is the one in pink shorts

standing in line waiting her turn to toss...

very blurry action shot of Chloe's teacher, Mrs Campbell getting so excited that she made a basket...jumping up and down. Ha!!! Love her!

Getting ready for the water relay race with her friends: Bailey, Abby, Chloe, Kinsley and Blair

Squeezing the water out of the ball - had to see which class could get the most water in the bucket in a specified time frame. This was one of my favorite events.

Chloe's friend Jackson getting ready to toss the ball to his teammate. This kid is so adorable and definitely well behaved. 

check out that stance! haha

I was deemed a volunteer superstar!!! hahaha!!!

Brody was completely worn out by the end of his day as a spectator

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