Sunday, May 19, 2013

End of Soccer Season #5

We finished up Chloe's 5th soccer season last night with another win. This has been such a fun year...not as high scoring for Chloe, but the skill sets of the girls on her team and the opposing teams are really progressing and the game is so much fun to watch. This year, Chloe scored 17 goals in the 6 games she played. I could not be more proud of her growth in the game. She hustles every single second of play, she has learned to dribble the ball down the field with good control, and last night she even scored a goal from an angle using her LEFT foot (she is right footed)!!! She loves to play and the only time she complains is if she doesn't score in as timely of a manner as she expects herself to. She has my personality in that she expects perfection from herself and doesn't settle well without it. However, I am trying to work on that with her (and myself too). It's getting somewhat better...sometimes.

Last year she asked us about playing soccer in the Fusion Academy because her friend Kirk was doing that. At the time we could not add one more thing to that child's schedule because she was already on the pre-team in gymnastics and in tumbling class along with rec soccer, not to mention being a kindergartener and having to get used to going to school everyday all day. It was just too much. However, in November we allowed her to stop gymnastics as she was crying on the way to practices (3 days/week) and her legs were hurting her nonstop. She wanted to stick with soccer though and we were glad! Since she is still asking about the Academy, we have enrolled her in the summer soccer camp that is held at Austin Peay State University by the girl's soccer coach and are going to let her join Fusion Academy in August. When she turns 8 she will be allowed to try out for the travel soccer team through Fusion...if she still has a great interest in it. We shall see. In the meantime though, Chloe has recently told me she wants to start piano lessons and start back dancing lessons. Oy vey! I think we will stick to soccer and piano only...

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