Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chloe is A Kindergarten Graduate

Wow! Yesterday Brody graduated pre-K and today Chloe graduated Kindergarten. I am not sure how much more this mama's heart can withstand. I have never been more proud of my two kiddos...ever (at least this week - ha!). They continue to amaze me every single day.

It literally seems like a week ago that I was nervously going to Chloe's school for her first day of Kindergarten. I remember the fears I had which were way more than any she had, and the tears I cried when I left her there and walked back to my car...with just Brody.

I was terrified that she would get into the wrong car in car circle and that some other mom would drive off with my first born. You may laugh, but I was seriously concerned about this...even though I was assured that their system of car circle was top notch. I was also nervous about her not being able to get her milk carton open or her go-gurts open at lunch and so I refused to let her buy her lunch until the last 2 weeks of school. Not kidding at all. And yes, I was also assured that they have lunch assistants who help the kids with these tasks. And then I was nervous about her teacher sending her to run an errand in the building and her getting lost and crying and being scared. I remember showing up for my volunteer day and her teacher told me that Chloe was in the art room returning some paint brushes. I almost died...I think what I said was "is she by herself? She knows how to get there and back alone?" I'm sure I sounded ridiculous, but there again, it's my first born and the first time I am really letting her go and have no control over it. Whew.

There was a lot of growth this year on her and my part. Luckily, we were blessed with an AMAZING teacher and the one that I know God had planned out for Chloe. She allayed all of my fears and took Chloe under her wing. She really "got" Chloe's personality and encouraged her in all of her under-takings. Chloe went into school unable to read more than 10 or so sight words, and she is now reading Junie B Jones and Ramona Quimby chapter books by herself. Her favorite thing to do is to read to Brody though. She also didn't know much math when she went in, but now can add and subtract small numbers, can work a word problem very well, and is wanting to learn money now. She had learned a lot about habitats as they have hatched chickens and ducks, and have also had a hermit crab, fish, and tadpoles in their room most of the year. And yes, we have babysat each of the class pets multiple times. I think our favorites were the ducklings!!! They were just so cute. Chloe can also write her own stories now and can tell me all about the planets and the rain forests. It's pretty amazing also to see her hop on my laptop, go to Word, open a new document and start typing a letter or a story.

Mrs Campbell has invested so deeply not just in academics for Chloe, but also in teaching the kids character traits and the 7 Healthy Habits for Happy Kids (by Steven Covey Jr). Chloe has learned how to be proactive, think win-win, sharpen the saw, put first things first, keep the end in mind, and I can't remember the other two but if Chloe were awake right now she would quickly tell me what they are and what they mean. Chloe has had to learn teamwork this year which is hard for her as she is for sure an "I can do it myself" type kid...and honestly I was the same way in school in that I hated group projects because I had this need for it all to be done to my liking so that I could make sure it was "perfect." She has also had to put into practice being kind to others even when they aren't the kindest to her. Luckily, that didn't happen too much. But she has for sure memorized the "if you can't say something nice, it's best to say nothing at all" rule. There were a few "spirited" boys and girls in her class this year that she would come home and tell me all about what they had said or done that day and when I asked her what she would say, she replied "nothing because you are not supposed to say anything unless it's nice." Yay!!!

I will quit rambling now and just leave you with this...I've been a mess thinking about her being in first grade now. She is growing up way too fast and honestly this may be my favorite stage that she has been in yet. I know I say that about every age and stage, but I can't help it. I love that she tells me everything and she trusts that I will value her feelings, her thoughts, and her dreams. I hope that I can continue to foster that so that she knows that mommy is always a safe place to fall and that if it is important to her, then it is important to me. Now...enjoy these pics of the Chloe and the kindergarteners releasing balloons as they make their wish for first grade!!!

comparison shot of first day of school with last day of school. She just looks so much older now :(

Chloe with Mrs. Campbell...Oh, the Places You'll Go. Chloe will have each teacher write her a note in this book from K-12th grade and I will give it to her upon graduation.

the balloons that are going to be released by the Kindergarten graduates as they make their wishes for first grade.

Chloe and her friend Abby

Chloe with her friend Jackson

Chloe and her best friend Kinsley

Chloe and Anna - a fellow soccer star!

Chloe with Blair

making the wish and letting them go

How cool is this picture of all the balloons?

Chloe with Abby

And another of Chloe with her bestie Kinsley


Cristin said...

Hi Kelly,
I met you a few years ago when you spoke to our MOPS group at FBC Clarksville. I just recently came across this blog. My oldest daughter's last day of kindergarten is tomorrow & I'm feeling so many of the same emotions as you! I hope y'all have a great summer break!

Kelly Blevins said...

Yes!!! I remember you Cristin! Hard to believe our girls' are going to first grade, huh? So glad to know I'm not alone in my silly emotions over her starting and finishing her first year of school. Happy summer to you!

Kimberly and Jordan said...

Congrats to Chloe and Brody! She sure did change from beginning to end! I love the Dr. Seuss book.

Oh girl, you know I also have a first-born "I do it myself" female;)

I can't believe they're growing up so fast. It seems those kiddos were just toddlers yesterday!