Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Brody is a Graduate

Today was a big day at our house. Our baby Brody graduated from the pre-K class at his Parent's Day out program. He has been in this school since he was 12 months old and is now about to turn 5. I look back on how things have changed and how much he has grown over the past 4 years at his school and I get a little teary eyed with pride as I see the little boy that he has grown into. When I first started him in school, I was still getting chemo and now as he ends it, I have a full head of hair again, and am 100% healthy...for the first time since he has been in school it seems.
Anyways, today he and his 11 classmates (a few of them he has been in class with since they were al 1 year old) walked down the aisle and performed their program flawlessly (and to the nth degree of cuteness), received their diplomas and are now ready to enter the world of "big school." For most of them, that means Kindergarten, but for my little Brody, it means he has graduated to a 3 day/week preschool. Why? Well because his birthday is literally 3 days from the cut-off and he would still be 4 years old when he started. After talking to several Kindergarten teachers and just using my mommy instinct, we know it's best to just let him have one more year before he begins school "forever."
I think the hardest part for Brody today has been realizing that he and his two very best friends in the world are all 3 going to different schools next year. Brody, Carter and Elliot have been best buddies the entire 4 years they've been at school. They are quite inseparable and Brody talks about Carter and Elliot a lot. Luckily though, we go to church and are in small group with Carter's family, and we will see Elliot at the YMCA a lot this summer.
Now, on to some cute pics and videos...

I loved this because of what Brody said he wanted to be when he grows up...An Army Man!  Just like his Uncle Jordan. His friend Elliot wants to be a ninja and his friend Addy wants to be a "hair doer." Ha!!!

graduation cake...Brody is on the bottom far right

Brody and Jace walking in together. I just love this little man of mine!!!

Getting ready to start Hickory Dickory Dock

Getting his diploma and hug from Ms Ruth Ann

And his flower and hug from Ms Patty

Kiera, Amelia, and Jace saying their rhyme...Jack and Jill

Adalynn, Maggie and Haley singing Twinkle Twinkle

Benton, Elliot, and Trenton reciting Jack Be Nimble

singing Jesus Loves Me

happy boy with his graduation gift...an Iron Man Mask

ah, sibling love! Chloe begged to go to Brody's graduation and I couldn't refuse her. Plus Brody wanted her to come...along with Cabot (our dog), Blue (our fish), and Grammy and OpOp. Haha!!!

yummy grad cupcake

being silly!!!

Brody and Carter the best of friends!!!

Ms Loretta, Ms Patty and Ms Ruth Ann with my baby. These ladies have taken great care to make sure Brody (and Chloe) were always well loved and well taught. They will forever have a place in my heart.


BRODY'S "SPEECH" (and check out his quick bow at the end!)

SINGING "Thank You Father"


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