Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Best Date Day Ever

Yesterday was the best date day ever. Nevermind that it was with my incredibly handsome and funny Brody. We decided after dropping Chloe off at school to head on down to Nashville for a spontaneous trip to the zoo. We arrived at 9:30 right when it was opening and were back in time to rest for a few minutes before going to get Chloe at school.
We started the morning off in the Jungle Gym play area figuring that it would be the least crowded if we did it first rather than waiting until the afternoon. Such a great decision!!! There were field trip kids everywhere but NONE in the Jungle Gym area when we were. Whew! We had the whole thing pretty much to ourselves.
We then headed up to the African Plains area and rode the carousel, enjoyed the elephants, giraffes, zebras, and ostrich. There was a baby giraffe there this time and it was so cute! That was probably my favorite exhibit this time around. Next, we rode the train around an exhibit...which was closed. It was incredibly lame for me, but Brody said he really liked it so that's what matters most.
After that, we took in the tigers, meerkats, cougars, and numerous other animals that I can't exactly recall right now. We skipped the petting zoo as neither Brody or myself really care to pet any goats or mules. We ventured over to see the flamingos and ended our animal adventure by staring at the monkeys for a while.
Before we left though, I couldn't resist his sweet little face in the gift shop admiring a stuffed parrot so he brought one home along with a slap bracelet. We were there for almost 4 hours and literally had the best time ever. We would have stayed a bit longer but we needed to get back to Clarksville to pick up Chloe.
Best part about the day? Spending quality one on one time with my Brody. Least favorite part? I still think the Nashville Zoo, as compared to the NC Zoo, is a really lame and boring zoo. I can't wait to be able to take them back to the NC Zoo again so they can see TONS of fun and different animals!

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