Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Has Sprung!

Now that Spring is officially, and hopefully really here, my family and I have been spending a lot more time outside. My hot flashes are currently more manageable due to some medication changes and additions and for that I am grateful ... REALLY grateful! I can actually ENJOY being outside in weather that is warmer than 50 degrees without dying of internal heat. UGH! Not saying that when the 90-100 degree temps hit that this mama won't find some indoor air conditioned acitivities, but for now, the weather is being kind to all. Where was I when I began the rant on hot flashes?!? Sorry...I digress.
Oh yes, back to outdoor activities. Every Saturday we hit the soccer fields to watch Chloe play her game and then the past few weeks we have taken the kids to the park after the game, or played in the backyard with them. This past weekend though was Clarksville's big festival...Rivers and Spires. We LOVE this event and could spend the entire day there. We always hit the Kid Zone first where EVERYTHING is free and super fun for kids. Then we try to head to the Fort Campbell section so that we can check out all of the cool ARMY vehicles, guns, packs, gear, etc... The kids love climbing up in the armored vehicles and pretending to be like their Uncle Jordan. And who am I kidding, David even climbed in and investigated it all. Then of course, what is a festival without festival southern fried everything. I indulged in a turkey was HUGE and was just okay. I'm on a strict grain free, sugar free, processed food free diet so I had to make do while I watched my family eat corn dogs and fries, and then I watched everyone else eat funnel cakes, deep fried snickers, deep fried twinkies, elephant ears, etc... It was only slightly torturous...okay, who am I kidding, it was really hard to just say no, but I've been eating really healthy for over a month now (the Paleo lifestyle) and it wasn't worth it to me to eat it that day and be sick the next. Well, maybe it was a little worth it but I still denied myself the pleasure and took up my cross with the turkey leg. Ha! Next we perused the different booths while getting lots of free goodies and David even entered and won a raffle...for $100 in free legal services. WOW! Haha!!! We just laughed about it and figured we will use it to update our wills or something one day.

Chloe with our mascots...she can't wait to be old enough to be the kid cow

LOVE hot dogs!

Brody in one of the armored vehicles

He was truly fascinated by the guns that were here

human statue

Weeeeeee!!!!!!! Look at the joy on his face.

Chloe with her face painted like a tiger...planting a sunflower seed.

Next up, a MY backyard. Who'd have ever thought that this chick here would ever plant a garden? Not me... However, my sister-in-law inspired me last year when I went to visit in Seattle and I saw that she had a really great raised garden bed and it was doing really well...despite the Seattle weather. So after phone calls and too many texts to count (Kim, thanks for being so patient and helpful!!!) I decided to go for it. Yesterday after church, David built our raised garden bed and I poured the organic humus in it and covered it with a layer of topsoil. Today, Brody and I went outside to plant our veggies...zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and sweet peppers. We had so much fun doing that together! We are so excited to watch the seeds sprout and I even feel a homeschool lesson coming out of it. And what's really cool is that Chloe is learning all about plants and seeds in school now so she will be able to really see it all in action! FYI...their last lesson was on the rainforest and I'm telling you right now that she SCHOOLED me in some rainforest info. Did you know the rainforest is made of different layers? There is the canopy, floor, and maybe 2 others that I can't remember, but no worries because Chloe will remind me and then tell me which animals live in each layer, etc...
Enough talk for now though, on to the pictures.

Getting the kids involved

Today after Brody and I sowed the seeds...the lines were left there so I would know where to put the stakes after I made them. ha!

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