Monday, April 15, 2013

For The Sake of Embarrassing Him Later In Life...

The title of this post says it all...I am writing this so that in 25-30 years, when Brody is getting married or beginning to have his own kids, he can see what he said and did as a 4 year old that nearly drove me to the edge. I think I have rolled my eyes so much lately at him that they are going to get stuck up in my head. I'm sure I have changed the subject a billion times lately anytime it comes up (which seems often), and I know that I have threatened and enforced no avail. What am I talking about you may ask? Well, I'm talking about Partner...and friends.
Brody decided one day after coming out of the bathroom to tell us that his "wee-wee" was now named Partner and that Partner had some friends with him. Ever since that night, he constantly refers to his Partner (can you even believe I am capitalizing that?!?)...CONSTANTLY!!! I have friends who say their 3-4 year old sons always have their hands down their pants, but Brody doesn't do that...he just talks about it. I pulled into Walgreens the other day and Brody said "mommy, look out there is a big bear. which super hero do you want to save you?" I replied by saying Superman and he answers, "no mommy...da da dada, It's Partner and Friends. They'll save you." WHAT?!? REALLY SON?!? I never knew that little boys were so obsessed with their "partners" but good grief!!!
Another obsession of his is his whoopie cushion. Help me Jesus. If he comes up behind me one more time when I'm not looking and squeezes that thing I may lose my marbles. He calls it his "tooter cushion" and thinks its the best thing ever...besides Partner. Chloe had a friend come home with her from school the other day and he stood outside of Chloe's door (because they locked him out) and kept squeezing the tooter cushion trying to make the girls laugh...which they did because they are 6. 

So to you dear Brody...when your future son becomes obsessed with his Partner and with making obscene and crude noises with his body or a cushion, just know that you did it excessive amounts. And hopefully he will outgrow it, but I can't be so sure because you haven't...yet.

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Kimberly and Jordan said...

Oh my..haha. Thanks for the glimpse of a pre -school boy!!