Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Celebrations

Easter came and went so fast this year. I feel like I hardly got the decorating done before it was time to pack it up again. I love Easter...not the bunny, but the real holiday. For me, it symbolizes new beginnings, freedom in Christ, and HOPE! We try very hard every year to stress the importance of the Easter story and why we even celebrate it to Chloe and Brody. For the past two years, we have done this on their age level by using resurrection eggs. I bought these at Lifeway Bookstore last year and have loved them so much; they are perfect for kids!!! Chloe and Brody look forward to opening the eggs each day to see what is in them, and then using the "prize" in the egg, they listen much better to the Scripture and lesson that goes with it. The way I do it is we start 12 days before Easter Sunday and do an egg each day. But on each day we go back and review the previous days' lessons and I allow them to open up the previous eggs again so that by the 12th day, they each open 6 eggs and we have reviewed the Easter story a WHOLE LOT!
As for me, I go into kind of a quiet reflection and praise. I'm so thankful and underserving of God's love and forgiveness. When I sit to reflect quietly on the cross it breaks my heart to know that my sin nailed him there, but then in overwhelms me that His love for me kept Him there. May I never forget the huge-ness of this and the impact that the cross and resurrection has made on my life. I only pray that as my children grow that they too will come to know and follow Jesus with an intense passion.

As for the celebration, we did attend our church egg hunt on Saturday night. It was neat! Our first glow in the dark egg hunt ever! The kids enjoyed it and there was a concert afterwards which was fun.
And then on Sunday the kids both got Easter baskets before we went to church. They LOVED them and played with them all day. Church was UH-MAZING, and has left me thinking about the sermon all week. After that, we came home and rested for a few hours and then went to our small group Easter dinner and egg hunt. Good times were had by all!!! I love our small group and can honestly say that we do life with these other couples like none other. So grateful for every single one of them!!!

And now, enough rambling...here are the pictures.

I was in the kitchen and I heard Brody ask Chloe to read him the story about the ear. What he meant was when Jesus was being arrested and Peter cut off the soldier's ear and then Jesus put it back on. So that is what they are doing. Chloe is reading the Bible to her little brother. LOVE!

I love my silly munchkins.

Small group kids waiting to get the egg hunt started

Brody and his best friend Carter! These two are inseparable. 

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