Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring Break and Soccer Video

Let me start with soccer...Chloe scored 5 goals last week for her team, the first of which was about 15 seconds into the game. It was so fun to watch the girls play, and David coach them. He loves it so much. He said he would never coach again after her 4 year old year, but since then, he has been assistant coach every season (we are on #5) as he can't just walk away from it. Back to Chloe though... There were several girls who assisted her so well...almost like they practiced some of those plays. I love watching Chloe grow in her skills and abilities on the soccer field, along with the fact that she is learning teamwork. We are going to allow her to go to a soccer camp this year that is put on by the APSU head soccer coach. It's an all day camp that is just a week long. She has been asking to go and after talking with the coach, I feel like Chloe is definitely ready. Exciting!!! Check out this video of my girl scoring a goal... and then a few more pictures.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic of Chloe high-5-ing David after she scored her 4th goal!!!

scoring her fifth goal of the game. so proud of her.

Now, spring break. Last year, and every year prior, when both kids were just in the Parents' Day Out program I couldn't for the life of me understand why parents get so excited over school breaks. I was kind of foul just wondering why oh why preschooler kids who go to school two days each week needed a spring break. HOWEVER, now, I get it. I understand those parents who couldn't wait for breaks. This has been the best week (minus the kids irritating each other). No homework, no rushing around in the mornings, no lunches to pack, no car circle, etc... Instead we did the following:

Monday - met my best friend for lunch and then went to an indoor play place for about 3 hours. This is a huge treat to them as I NEVER take them to Kids N' Play. I detest the place...except when I have friends to talk to while the kids go crazy.
Tuesday - met a group of friends at our Chick-fil-A for brunch and then we all took our kids swimming at the YMCA. In all, there were 6 moms and 12 kids. We ruled the pool...haha.
Wednesday - I took the kids on a day trip down to Nashville to eat at the Rain Forest Cafe and do some spring clothes and shoe shopping. It was so much fun. Found some great deals at Stride Rite - my go to shoe store for the kids "church shoes" and some fabulous sales at Gymboree. Got Chloe 3 spring dresses and a little cardigan to wear over her Easter dress, both kids needed a new bathing suit and they were cheaper than the Target ones I usually buy them so I snatched up new suits for them, and the splurged $4 on a cute pearl bracelet for Chloe that has a pink bow on it. ADORBS!!!! After we got back to Clarksville, I took Chloe to the dollar store as she is obsessed with playing school with her babies (and me, Brody and David). They have great teacher supplies there so I stocked her up on some things and then went to Walmart to finish off her school supply collection. She is sooooo cute playing school...except when she plays it with Brody and they end up fighting because she tries to make him go to the principal's office. Hahaha.
Thursday - Today I took the kids to see our friend's Maltipoo puppy. I am friends with this lady's daughter and son-in-law and have come to know and love her over the past several years at church. She is an incredible lady who loves Jesus, lives for Him, and it also just so much fun! Anyways, after Chloe played with Cha Cha (the puppy) for a while we left and went to see the new movie The Croods. Incredible movie!!! Then we headed to lunch, home, and the park. It's kind of crazy that on Monday it was snowing and today it's 63 degrees. Thankful for both though.

Now that the week is almost over - we are bowling tomorrow - and I realize how exhausted I am and just how much the kids really have irritated each other, I'm wondering how am I going to make it this summer?!? Oh wait, I know...CAMPS and VBS!!!

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