Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Joining In...

After prolonging it for over a year, I've decided to hop on the bandwagon and link up with this adorable girl's BLOG on Wednesdays for "What I'm Loving Wednesday". So, here we go...

1. I love my church! I absolutely love my church, the staff, the leadership, and what we stand for. It is a beautiful picture of love, forgiveness, redemption, Jesus, and hope. We started attending Grace Community Church in in January was a church plant that started in September 2006 so we were some of the original people and our hearts are tied there. The church has been through several changes in the past 7 years as far as leadership structure, loss of and addition of staff, a HUGE increase in attendance and membership, many many lives changed and souls saved. Many many baptisms and a rockin' youth program that serves the entire city. We are in a community group that meets on Sunday nights and honestly it is the BEST community group that you could ever imagine or pray for. Really, it is and yeah, I may be slightly biased, but our group is the real deal. Authentic, honest conversation while digging into the Word makes my heart scream with happiness. If you live in Clarksville and are looking for a church to visit or call home, come on. I would love to have you as my honored guest!

2. These gems...cutie oranges and pink lemonade. So get this...for those who don't follow my cancer journey blog and have no idea, I had to have a total hysterectomy 2 weeks ago because of a questionable mass on one of my ovaries and a thickened uterine lining (you can click over to that blog to read the major details of WHY I had such a major surgery: Praise You In This Storm). Anyways, since the surgery, I have had a TOTAL aversion to soda, and I mean a TOTAL aversion. The thought of drinking a soda of any kind makes me almost gag. It's weird because before the surgery I LOVED my diet drinks and would have at least 3-4 cans/day of them. Now, it's strictly flavored water and lemonade. That's all I really want to drink. No complaints here! And the cuties, well, I LOVE them because they are super easy to peel, small, tangy, and juicy. They are by far my favorite fruit in the least they have been recently.

3. Soccer season!!! I love the fact that both of my kids love soccer and they both were blessed with a natural ability...(they got it from David as I have never played soccer in my life, yet David was a great player through his teenage and young adult separate post. Stay tuned for that one (inserting an eye roll here).

4. I love that Chloe decided to get her ears pierced again! She was so much more confident and brave this time around and didn't even move a muscle as the girl pierced them. She had them done a year ago and did great except for the fact that she was highly allergic to all the earrings we tried...even the nickel-free and hypoallergenic ones. So, I reluctantly decided to let the holes close up knowing that they really needed to heal well with nothing in them). This time we went with 14K gold for the studs she has to start out with and wear for 8 weeks, and we will probably stick to that metal or titanium as they are both good for ears that are very sensitive.

5. Hi, my name is Kelly, and I am addicted to reality TV shows. Most of my guilty pleasure comes from BRAVO TV including the Real Housewives of _______________ (insert all of the city names as I love them all). Recently, while needing to rest and recover from the surgery I had, I read this book :

I admit it...I read it in 3 days and LOVED every single word of it. It's not that it was greatly written and of literary genius, but I love Brandi's candidness and her ability to make me laugh...even though it hurt like crazy to laugh with an 8 inch incision across my abdomen. Currently I am reading this: 

It's not that great so far, but I am one that will keep reading it because I paid for it. Hopefully it will get better. I'm only about 1/4 of the way through so there is time... come on Andy Cohen, don't disappoint this huge fan of yours! 

And I will stop there. How did I do for my first Wednesday link up? It was fun and I may even do it again next week. In the meantime though I will be blogging about Brody's first soccer game so stay tuned, you don't want to miss a second of that action (again, inserting eye roll here).

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