Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Purity Ball 2013 - Kindergarten Year

This is the first year that Chloe has been able to attend the Father-Daughter Purity Ball that is put on in our city each year.  It is a formal event that is for kindergarten thru college aged girls and their fathers. The girls dress up in their fanciest dresses and the men wear suits or tuxedos and have the date of their life!
This is how the night went for David and Chloe...

After much picture taking before they walked out the door, they started out at Chili's. This is Chloe's favorite restaurant because the likes their grilled cheese sandwiches and the peppered french fries. David even allowed her a Coke at dinner and she made sure to tell me about that when she got home. After Chili's they made their way on to Oak Grove, KY to Valor Hall. This is where the Ball was held. There was a professional photographer there who took pictures of each girl with her daddy as they arrived and then David and Chloe picked a table for the evening. They didn't know anyone at their table, but they knew plenty of people who were there. Our pastor spoke to the daddies and daughters for a bit using an analogy from the movie "Brave". The talk was about princesses and about how the girls will always be daddy's princess even as they grow up and begin dating. How the girls will always be princesses no matter what and how they are also God's princess. Side note - I sooooo wish I could have been a fly on the wall to hear this speech. Anyways, when Chad was done, it was time for the dads to give the girls their gift. The daddy's had a present that they received when they checked in that they were to give to their daughters after Chad was finished. When David gave it to Chloe, he read this to her (so glad he brought the program home so I could see this word for word):

A Father's Promise:
You are a true princess,
created by God for a special purpose.
He loves you and so do I.
I will always do my best to protect you
and help you choose what is right.
This gift was made just for you,
to remind you of this night.
When you wear it, remember how
special you are and how much
you mean to me, my beautiful princess.

Then Chloe opened the present and it was a beautiful handmade fancy head band. So pretty!!! Then she put it on and read her part to David which was:

A Daughter's Pledge:
Some days I feel like a princess and
some days I don't, but tonight
you've shown me what it feels like to be a true princess.
Thank you for loving me and
reminding me how special I am to you and to God.
I will do my best to make you proud and
live a life that honors God.

After this, the dancing began and according to Chloe they danced the night away. She told me that the way you dance is if the song is fast, you dance fast and jump around, but if the music is slow you have to dance real slow. She danced with some of her little girlfriends and a lot with David. Then came dessert and then it ended.

When I heard the garage door open, I was so excited to hear all about their evening together, but I had no idea of just how happy and excited she would be to tell me all about every single last detail. They got home at 9:25 and the child didn't fall asleep until 11:00. She kept remembering things that she wanted to tell me and was just so excited. David also was thrilled about how the evening went. He thoroughly enjoyed his alone time with his little princess. Chloe asked me if they do the Purity Ball every February and I told her that in fact they did...she replied that it was going to be waaaay to long until next February. My heart simply smiled.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

iPhone Picture Purge

Brody wanted to send a picture to one of our babysitters so this was the one we snapped and sent. "Girl Jordan" loved it!

Hilldale Hoops cheerleading squad - the Cheertastics.

One morning prior to church

Chloe with our neighbors (Alyssa and Kaylen) on New Years Eve

Birthday card from the kids

Chloe reading to Phoebe at the library. Once each month the library has the TenderPaws program where kids come and read to the dogs. She LOVED it...and doesn't Phoebe look totally interested in the book? Ha!!

Birthday cake for David

Chloe with Phoebe after the story 

Lego Day at the library!!!

Brody wanted a bedside table like daddy has so he rolled his cart over and put his phone and bucket on it. His phone is my old Android that he uses to play games and he keeps the charger in his bucket. Haha! I thought it was just too cute that he wanted to do all of that because David does.

Chloe with her friend Ella playing legos at the library

valentine robots for Brody's friends at school

Gramom playing police with Brody. Don't you love the police hat and sword Brody made her use!!!???

And....the is just sick. This is Chloe's dead fish. It was her valentine gift but she died two days later. Luckily, she wasn't too heartbroken since Wal-Mart has a return policy on fish that die before 90 days. So, being frugal, I bagged up Sunny, the dead fish, and returned her in this ziploc bag. When the employee asked me how he could help, I'm sure he never in a million years thought that I would whip out a dead fish in a bag. hahaha!!!!! She ended up getting another fish though and that one is doing great...I think. Just hope she makes it to the 90 day mark so I don't have to bag another one. 

This is what I found in Chloe's folder she brought home from school. She made it for me in her spare time yesterday. Love love love that girl of mine.