Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Love Hate Relationships

I know you have them. I know everyone has at least ONE love hate relationship. It's okay to admit it. Want to know what one of mine is....at least what my main one is this week? THE KITCHEN!!! I love to hate on my kitchen when it comes to meal times. Let me explain.

Since the new year, I have come up with a new meal planning system that has been working beautifully for Team Blevins. We decided Jan. 1 that we were going to be really careful in our grocery shopping and make stick to a budget at the grocery store. So, of course I consult my favorite website for ideas (Pinterest...as if you had to ask) and I came across a gal's blog that did themed menu planning. I know, I know, you all probably already do this, but on the off chance that you don't know what I am talking about, let me run through mine with you.

First things first - I consulted with the husband and kids and asked what foods they could not live without and what meals are their faves. After I got the point across that they could not live on Bagel Bites, Corn Dogs, Hot Dogs, and NutriGrain Bars forever, we finally came up with this...

Here is what my family said and how our meal plan each week subsequently looks:
1. Mexican Night (tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, etc...)
2. Chicken Night (poppyseed chicken, sweet and sour chicken, almond flour chicken etc...)
3. Crockpot Night or Pasta Night (busiest night of the week)
4. Sandwich and Soup Night (grilled cheese, ham rolls, PBJ, etc with Tomato Soup)
5. Breakfast Night (French Toast, pancakes, egg sandwich, etc...)
6. Pizza Night (which is also family movie night)
7. Leftover Night - eat everything left over from the week...and also for lunches

As for side dishes, it's pretty much the same things each week: green beans, rice, pasta salad, salad, corn, asparagus blah blah blah.
I get every single one of my recipes from pinterest so it is ALWAYS something different for the entree nights each week. If David really really loves a dish, I will star it and cycle it back through a couple of times that month.

So my goal, besides saving money each month on groceries is to eventually get to where I can grocery shop once/month except for milk and produce. I should really be able to do this beginning in March as by then I will have made enough different things to know what are favorites, what are duds, etc... and then I can fill up the calendar and go shopping. Oh, and my other goal...don't tell David (and no worries, he NEVER reads this blog) is to switch all our meals to clean eating recipes. HEE HEE!!! I have to do this slowly because he notices all things healthy and doesn't care for them (hence the bagel bites, corndogs, Frosted Flakes, etc...) but I really think I can do it.

So, where does the love hate come into play? Right here...once I get the groceries home and put away because then it comes the time where I am in the kitchen ALL THE TIME prepping, fixing, cooking, washing dishes, cleaning tables and counters, etc... I like tolerate cooking okay when it is just the cooking... but I HATE all the mess that comes with it. Hence, the love hate relationship.
So I ask, what will make it better? The fact that we have cut $200 off of our grocery bill this month helps a little, but I am thinking that maybe I could have $15 of that money and have a bottle of wine to drink throughout the week while I am slaving away in the kitchen. Fair trade off? I think so!

What are some of your favorite recipes? I'd love to hear them...especially if they are tried and true and clean.

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Kimberly and Jordan said...

You sound very organized and I love it! Meal planning is tricky! I will email you a few!