Thursday, January 24, 2013

Family Fitness Night

Tonight was Family Fitness Night at Carmel Elementary. It was SO MUCH FUN!!! For the first hour, there were several different stations set up for the kids to go through with the parents so they could show us all the things that have been learning to do. They had sit up, push up and pull up stations. Jump rope, target practice, and balance sections. There were also juggling and some other stations but I can't remember what they were. So, we went through those things and then for the second hour of the event, individual classes from each grade performed for everyone. Chloe's class was chosen as the kindergarten class that performed and I have to say that it was ADORABLE!!!! Like for real adorable. I was so proud of her and her whole class for all that they have learned. I could not stop smiling during the performance (with a few giggles) and thankfully I video-d it for David since he was out of town and couldn't be there.

So, know what that means??? I have a video on here for you all to watch. Chloe has on black pants, a turquoise long sleeve shirt with her Carmel Elementary shirt on over it so look for her :) Oh, and her pink sparkly Hello Kitty shoes... My girl can't go anywhere without some sort of sparkly pink something on. Ha!

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