Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas this year went by SO INCREDIBLY FAST that I got behind on blogging about all of our fun activities. So, in the spirit of trying to catch up, here is the quick run down with lots of pictures for our families to look at :)

On Christmas Eve, we picked up my parents at the airport and headed pretty much straight to our Christmas Service at church. The sermon was once again, amazing and left me with some new thoughts about Jesus and how we are to fit our lives around Him, not how we are to fit Him around our lives. Thought provoking! Then we followed on with Team Blevins' tradition and headed to Wendy's for our Christmas Eve meal (don't be jealous) and then walked along the Cumberland River to enjoy the lights!

When we got home, it was time for the kids to make reindeer food with Grammy and Op-Op. If you don't know, reindeer food is oatmeal with glitter in it...lots of glitter. Oatmeal is what they eat and the glitter is so that the reindeer can see it. Then it was time to sprinkle it on the lawn with Op-Op.

Christmas morning the kids got up at 7 and went to see what Santa brought them. Chloe had asked for American Girl, McKenna and the set that went with her (balance beam, loft bed, gymnastics bars, etc...) and Brody had asked for a castle set and a dragon. The kids had proven to be on the "nice list" I suppose because Santa did come and deliver. Along with those things, they got board games, Furby dolls, and various other goodies. It was so nice to spend it this holiday with my parents and I loved them being here to watch and be a part of the traditions that we have established for our family. The kids loved having their Grammy and Op-Op here too! After the morning festivities, I made breakfast and then a late lunch for the family and we relaxed the rest of the day. We ended the day with a birthday party for Jesus by decorating cupcakes and singing Happy Birthday to Him.

Ernie left Chloe and Brody a goodbye letter and the last part said that after the letter was finished being read that his Christmas magic would be lifted for a few minutes so they could hug him and give him a kiss goodbye. And then they placed him back where they found him and he disappeared back to the the North Pole that afternoon.

this picture just makes me smile! I love the look of joy on both of their faces!

Other things that we did over the month of December include: 
** making marshmallow snowmen

** watching Ernie, our Elf on the Shelf, be creative and mischievious (other Ernie Escapades in a previous post)

** watching Christmas movies all month long
** driving around to look at Christmas lights in various neighborhoods (one of my very favorite things to do!!!!)
** Christmas parties

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