Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Beginning Of Advent

So we have always done an advent calendar beginning on December 1st. It's a cute house that has 25 doors and each child takes turn opening a door each day. Inside every door is an activity that we will do on that day. Some are simple like watching a Christmas movie, and some are more time consuming like decorating their bedroom doors for Christmas, or driving around in our PJ's looking at the Christmas lights. This is one of my favorite things to do in the Christmas season and one that the kids look forward to every morning as they open that door.
This year though, I decided to look deeper into the meaning of Advent. Do you know all about it? I honestly didn't realize the depth of Advent and how it's actually all about the coming of Christ. So, I found an amazing website with daily advent activities and Scripture and printed out tons of things. So, here is just a snippet of information that might interest you too. Or you may just look at me weird the next time you see me and ask why I didn't know this stuff already...
1. Advent refers to the coming...the coming of Christ and always begins 4 Sundays before Christmas
2. There is an advent wreath with 5 candles in it. The first one is called the prophecy candle. It is purple and it is lit during week 1. Purple signifies penance for sin and the longing we have waiting for the birth of baby Jesus. As you light it, you recite "Jesus is the light of the world."
3.  The scriptures that go with Day 1 are: Isaiah 9:6-7 and Isaiah 40:1-5. Chloe was able to memorize parts of each of the verses. Namely...all of Isaiah 9:6, and the verse where Isaiah tells the people to Prepare the way for the Lord. Chloe and Brody both understand what a prophet is and that Isaiah was a prophet who told the people in Israel what God told him to say.

I am just so excited about teaching my children (and myself) all about advent and all about the anticipation of and birth of Jesus. Each day in this little packet of Advent activities that I printed is a page to color, an activity to do, a recipe to make, and a song to sing. We won't do everything everyday, but will do what time allows. Today, Chloe did the crossword puzzle, and wrote out Isaiah 9:6 while Brody colored a picture of Mary, Joseph and Jesus in the manger. They both asked questions and I happen to think that they even learned a little bit too. If you have advent experiences or ideas, please comment and share them with me. I would love to hear what other families do!

I will be updating periodically about the other cool things we learn during this Advent season so stay tuned...


Kimberly and Jordan said...

Funny, I just posted as well. I like your relaxed style too. You just can't do it all with kids-it's not realistic!

I think we are going to do a craft with the different colors of the advent candles this month. I pinned it under 'toddler fun' on Pinterest.

Maybe one day we'l live close enough to do a Jesus Bday party together. Thanks to you, we started that this year.

Kelly said...

I would love to do a joint birthday party for Jesus one year. How fun! Loved getting to talk to you and Baby A on Face Time today. Miss you all so much.