Monday, December 31, 2012

Team Blevins 2012 Year In Review

I'm not going to even pretend that I can remember what happened in the beginning or even the middle part of this year, so let me just get that off my chest. Ha! But what I wanted to do was go on exactly what were the highlights for Team Blevins this year - ie...the parts that actually stayed in this chemo brain of mine and they are in no order whatsoever.

1. Chloe started Kindergarten and that quite honestly rocked my world. I was nervous for her to be at "big school" all day every day but we have all adjusted and she LOVES school so much! I still have days where I just miss her like crazy, but then there is Christmas break to remind me that it really is better for her to be in school now. I can't tell you the number of times I have heard "I'm bored. I miss Mrs Campbell. I miss my friends." And then there is the sibling rivalry and arguing that is going on, but I won't go there. No, these are HIGH-lights of the year (how's that for a gentle reminder to self?)
2. Brody started Pre-school. How is it that I have one in Pre-K and one in Kindergarten already? My little guy has surprised me so very much this year in school. He goes twice/week but is really learning how to write his letters and spell. He knows his shapes, colors, etc... This is the first year at our Parent's Day Out program that he has walked right into his classroom without hanging on me and trying to escape from the room after I drop him off.  He is growing up so fast and loves being with his friends and teachers too.
3. Brody turned 4 and Chloe turned 6.
4. We took the kids to Gulf Shores this summer for a family vacay. It was amazing and awesome. They are already asking us when we can go back to the beach. Our routine every single day while we were there was: breakfast, ocean, pool, rest, go out and explore and have dinner, bed. PERFECT!!!
5. David and I celebrated 8 years of marriage. It's been hard and we've been through more in our short marriage than most couples go through in a lifetime (ie - moving, building a house, cancer, two babies less than two years apart, chemo off and on for 3.5 years, a new business) but we are blessed and we know it. I love that man of mine :)
6. I finally finished ALL chemo - forever this time!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!
7. Cabot turned 8 - yay (insert eye roll here). Sorry. My priorities totally shifted when the kids were born and poor dog had to take a back seat. He drives me insane most days, but I tolerate him because I love David and David thinks Cabot hung the moon. Ha!
8. Chloe professed a faith in Jesus and she is not looking back. I'm just praying that I can disciple her and lead her along the right path of growing her faith!!!
9. I had my thyroid removed and am feeling SO MUCH BETTER! Apparently I had an autoimmune disease that no doctor detected except my surgeon. Thank you Jesus for putting him in my path!
10. I lost both of my grandmothers within a few weeks of each other. Hard to know that I now have no living grandparents now.
11. Chloe and I traveled out to Seattle to visit my Sister-In-Law and niece while my brother was/is in Afghanistan. We had a wonderful trip and so enjoyed our girl time!
12. We started praying about where God wants Team Blevins to be in the future and what He wants our family to look like in the future...
13. David and I signed up to go on his second, and my first mission trip to Ethiopia. We are so excited to be leaving in 6 months for a 10 day mission. David left part of his heart in Ethiopia and cannot wait to get back, while I am thrilled to be serving alongside of him this time!!!
14. I got a mini-van. Yep, I joined the Swagger Wagon Club (although its an Odyssey)/soccer mom club, and I LOVE IT!!!!
15. Chloe was hospitalized over Thanksgiving down in Atlanta at the children's hospital for pneumonia and asthma :(
16. I got the host Christmas for my parents this year and had a blast doing so! We loved having them here with us.

And I think that is it. Not sure though...chemo brain, like I mentioned above.

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