Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Girls' Weekend - 4th Annual

This past Friday was mine and Chloe's 4th annual trip to Opryland for the weekend. I started this tradition right after I had finished breast cancer treatment as a way to just be away from everything and spend some quality time just focusing on my little girl. And this year, as every other one, proved to be phenomenal!

 We started out by me getting her out of school early on Friday so we could make it in time to see the Shrek-tacular show. We got checked in and dropped off our luggage just in time to make it to the show. It was so fun. We saw Shrek, Fiona, Puss N Boots, and Kung Fu Panda (my kids favorite). However, all I could think about during it was how much sweet Brody would have loved it too. Moving on from that though, our next stop was the mall. We took the shuttle over to Opry Mills and did some shopping. We walked all over that mall and finished up Christmas shopping, grabbed dinner, and then headed back to the do some more WALKING!!! We walked for probably another hour all through the garden conservatory - Chloe's favorite part of the hotel. And then we went back to our room, went onto our balcony and indulged in our Gigi's cupcake. was amazing. If you have never had a Gigi's, just know that there are not enough words in the world to describe how wonderful they are.

enjoying her cupcake

The next morning, we started bright and early by going to the craft show in the hotel, walking around the gardens some more, and then hopping on the shuttle bus to see the Radio City Rockettes. Now this is my favorite part of our trip every year. It is absolutely amazing and the costumes and set designs are stunning. Every year I sit and think that I should have never quit dance when I was little so that I could have been a Rockette. Maybe that will be my job in heaven one day. Do you think there will be Rockette Dance jobs in heaven? If so, I will be the first one to apply. I digress..

After the Rockettes, we couldn't stop thinking about the boys so we called David and Brody and asked them to meet us and tour the hotel with us (but not stay the night - after all this is a girls' trip.) They gave up their afternoon of "man time" to come hang with us. We took them to Shrek-tacular and I was right, Brody LOVED IT!!! We then went to see Santa, played with trains, went to the kids area and played blocks and games with the kids and just really enjoyed our family time together. After they left though, Chloe and I decided to order dinner as room service and we ate and hit the sack EARLY. We were out for 12 hours that day walking around and were both asleep before 8:30 that night. It was great!
On Sunday, we packed up pretty early and headed out. We had to get home and get ready for our small group Christmas party and I had to run by Target and get a few things before the party.
All in all it was THE perfect weekend. We enjoyed our "alone" time together, laughed a lot, were silly, and didn't take anything too seriously. My daughter is growing into an even more beautiful and pleasant little girl. She is a pure joy and has such a sweet innocence to her. I would keep her this age forever if I could. There is truly not one thing I would change about her. I am grateful to God for choosing me to be her mommy and I am blessed beyond all measure.
Oh, one thing we did decide for next year...Chloe and I will still do our trip, but the second night we are there, we are going to allow the boys to come and stay with us. Brody was very very sad that he didn't get to stay this time, although I happen to know that he LOVED his man time with David. Apparently all they did was drink Coke, watch Tom and Jerry, and play iPads. Haha! Perfect weekend for our boys.

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