Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ernie, our Elf on the Shelf Is Back

Ah, how I have missed Ernie at various times during 2012. Especially when I have needed to threaten, or I mean use some serious reinforcement of the behaviors expected in our home. Our dear Elf on the Shelf, Ernie, is back for his 3rd year. He came the day after we got home from Atlanta over Thanksgiving and is here to stay until December 24th when he will be picked up by Santa and taken back to the North Pole to rest.
Here is what our mischievous little Ernie has been up to so far this year...

Day 2 was a marshmallow fight with Sock Monkey

Day 3 was Ernie playing Chloe's Leap Pad

Day 4 was Ernie taking a marshmallow bath - excuse the funky lighting...don't know what happened

Day 5 was Ernie getting picked up by Brody's Toy Story helicopter and then 
getting stuck in the ceiling fan. Poor Ernie...

Day 7 was Ernie toilet papering our Christmas mischievous

Day 6 was Ernie trying to come down the chimney of our Advent House

Day 2 - just hanging around on the ribbon wreath in our entryway

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