Monday, October 22, 2012

Sharing Some Things About Chloe (Brody is Next)

I am so crazy proud of my kiddos. Like really really proud, so I am going to brag on them for a few minutes and hope that you will share my and my family's joy in it.

First: I am thrilled with how Chloe is adapting to Kindergarten. She loves school and has a true passion for it. She has been on the top of the discipline chart (blue) most every single day and the other days she has only been 1 step below it (on purple). Purple means she has made great choices and blue means that she is being a leader. She is reading like a champ. I'm talking 25-32 page books almost every single night. She loves reading and that makes this mama's heart smile because I too have a love for books.

As for me letting up a little bit in regards to being "overprotective" not letting her ride the school bus and not letting her buy school lunches etc... well, I'm proud to report that she has bought her lunch TWICE now and has ridden the bus ONCE. The lunches happened but not without me sending a note in to her teacher the first time explaining that Chloe is so picky that she would likely choose 3 milks for her whole lunch and to please make sure she actually chose some food too. The teacher assured me that Chloe made great choices and she ate her lunch. As for the bus, what do I say?!? She went on a field trip and I followed the bus down. Ha! She was so cute telling me all about the school bus. She said it was a bumpy ride and that the seats were really slippery and they had no seat belts. I was hoping that she would want to come home after the field trip and just ride with me, but nope, not my girl. She wanted to go back to school on the bus and stay until school dismissal.

And now as for Chloe's rules for I can't walk her in to school, I can't come eat lunch with her, I can't go on field trips with her, and I can't come to her class. Let's just say she has changed her mind on every single one of those bullet points. I kept my mouth shut figuring that she would change her mind, and that is what she did. Now, she has me eat with her every single Wednesday, I walk her into the school every single morning (even when it's pouring rain and would be much easier to do car circle), I've been on the field trip with her which she asked me to do, and I am the room mom in her class on Wednesday and Thursdays. I asked her if she wanted me to just help one day each week in the class, but she said that she actually wanted me there every single day. So sweet!!! However, I draw the line because I love spending one on one time with my baby boy!!!

That's school, but I also have to share that her little heart is actually so BIG. She is so kind and gentle. She loves with her whole being and when she hurts, it's the same. She uses good manners and tries to make wise choices by thinking things through. She is learning responsibility and showing compassion to the other children in her class. She is a helper by nature and I have witnessed her getting pure joy from being asked to help her teacher or another student in class. She is a little slow to warm up (well, just a little shy), but is a friend to everyone once she knows you. She loves Jesus and will oftentimes pray for her friends and school and anyone who is sick. Don't get me wrong, she is not perfect as none of us are, but she learns from her mistakes and tries again. She is simply a blessing from the Lord that I do not even think I could ever thank Him enough for.

And Brody, well, this post is getting a bit too long, but I will be updating about my little guy in the next day or so in a separate entry. He is making his mama's heart melt on a daily basis and is wrapping me tighter and tighter around his little fingers. I could hug and squeeze that child all day long if he would let me. Especially when he tells me that I am his baby and he is my baby. Melt my heart...

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