Friday, October 12, 2012

New Experience

After Chloe's soccer game two weeks ago, we decided to go to a flea market/tractor pull. We have never been before and honestly probably would have never thought to go had we not seen the sign for it on the way to the game. At first glance upon arrival, I thought we had entered red-neck-ville. There were girls and older ladies in cut off shorts, cowgirl boots, and too tight shirts tossing bean bags into a scarecrow. Some sort of game clearly, but I didn't really see the point in it nor did I see any prizes. However, the crowd was excited so we stopped to watch for a few minutes before making our way through the homemade crafts and goodies. Along the way there were chickens, baby chicks, and turkeys to look at...which Brody LOVED. And we also got to see how corn is ground and got totally sucked into watching the farmers put it in their machines and do their thing. It really was a neat afternoon. And of course the highlights were watching Brody get all excited about walking through the tractor displays and watching with front row seats the tractor pull games.
As I said, this was certainly not a typical Team Blevins Saturday afternoon event, but I am so glad we went and had the experience!

the "scarecrow farmer" beanbag toss

the crowd watching the scarecrow beanbag toss

David getting a wax hand mold

turning the corn into something

checking out the tractor up close

getting the corn ready to run through the machine

I have no idea who this farmer guy is but I thought the kid with him was too cute!

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