Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall Break in North Carolina

This is our official first fall break. When both kids were in pre-school, I never understood the parents who were excited for fall break. I just wanted my kids to go to preschool that week because I didn't agree that they needed a fall break too. However, now that Chloe is in kindergarten and I feel like I barely see her anymore, I welcomed the break and took the kids to North Carolina to visit my parents.

We left on Saturday afternoon and came back on Wednesday evening. The trip there was not without some interesting conversation...namely Brody asking me if the people in front of us in the security line had bombs or rockets in their bags. And he didn't just ask it quietly. Oh no! He asked rather loudly and pointed directly to them so there was no covering it up on my part. And then as we are walking on the jetway to get onto the plane, Brody starts jumping over random cracks and yells that he is jumping over bombs. I mean honestly, could the kid have said the word BOMB anymore? No, not really. I wasn't sure that we were going to even be allowed on the plane with all of his talk. Ha! However, we made it on and then Brody loudly read the safety instruction manual to all of us. His version, based on looking at the pictures alone, was this, "do not land in the water. go down the slide when it's your turn. buckle up for safety." People around us were laughing and were good sports about his antics.

Once we arrived in NC, Op-Op (my dad) picked us up in Raleigh and headed to the home I grew up in. It was nice to be "back home." That week, we had dinners out, went to see Hotel Transylvania at the movies, went to visit my grandmother, hit up the NC Zoo, and just enjoyed family time with my parents. It was a very enjoyable 4 days with some relaxing time for me.

Of course, the highlight was the zoo because this is the place where I took most of my childhood field trips in school and I couldn't wait to show it to my kids. This zoo in incredible. It makes our Nashville Zoo look like a pet shop. Seriously! The kids and I spent about 5 hours there and still didn't see every single exhibit. It was really a perfect day! My favorite animal was the newborn gorilla. He was adorable! Chloe and Brody both loved the elephants, giraffes, lemurs, and gorillas the best. I took lots of pictures since this was their first visit to this zoo. We are already talking about the next time with visit Grammy and Op-Op and how we are definitely going to come back to the zoo.

Entrance - Brody channeling his inner rock star

Giraffe is back there. See it?

These little statues were all throughout the zoo

A fave!

This was a whole extra exhibit talking all about elephant tracking in Cameroon. Very cool things to look at and read. We learned a lot in this area.

Headed to the next greatest animal...


a few rhinos 

Chloe playing in the ostrich eggs

Climbing and jumping...more fun at the zoo!

check out his deep little dimple...

This was the brother gorilla to the baby

the female lion waking long enough to yawn and then she laid back down

the lemurs. both kids LOVE lemurs for some reason

check out the baby gorilla on his mom's back. 

There was a bee exhibit which was really fun because Chloe learned all about bees at her field trip to the pumpkin patch. We really enjoyed this!

Brody in the honeycomb...

Outside of the Sarahan Desert exhibit. He didn't believe this cactus was real so after the picture, he walked over to another one and touched it and then started yelping!

desert tortoise

a sleeping ocelot

the big brown bear!

geyser that erupts every 5 minutes. 

Brody getting as close as possible so that he could get wet.


A harbor seal. We were very disappointed that the polar bears were vacationing in Minnesota while their habitat got remodeled and repaired. Maybe next time...

Brody showing his sister some love

and now she is trying to get him to stop...

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