Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Fun

This morning we woke up and decided to take the kids to Nashville to the Adventure Science Center. We have always talked about doing it, but have never gotten around to it...until today. So we loaded up in the car around 11:00 and headed down. The kids were so excited to be going and were super good in the car!
I took so many pictures that I will just caption them all and you will see what all we did. Needless to say, we all had a blast and look forward to going again. So glad that we FINALLY went!

Brody, the Archeologist

We loved the health section of the museum. This was the kids favorite part I think.

saving a life 

Brody taking his blood pressure

Chloe driving the ambulance. Looks like she is turning a tight curve.

David getting cozy with the spine-less dude

Chloe studying the body and trying to figure out where to place all of the organs. 

Brody also liked the spine-less dude

More fun in the ambulance. If there was a button to be pushed, he pushed it 12 times!

The big brain maze

Brody brushing the big tooth

working together to clean the tooth

whacking the unhealthy food choices that popped up

this was a neat exhibit!

climbing up the the next level via the tunnel. Look at that missing tooth smile!

Dinosaur exhibit. Brody really enjoyed looking at this.

Giant piano - Chloe had a blast jumping on it.

The kids could make music by sticking the vacuum hose up to each tube.

adding pressure to the "rockets" in order to shoot them high up into the air. This exhibit was lots of fun and I think we did it 3-4 times.

They all look like they are studying something, huh?

Brody built several towers with the blocks and then pushed the red button on the front of the table to make the table shake and simulate and earthquake. This was fun to do with him.

A walk through the solar system. VERY fun exhibits!

Pure joy in making the beach ball stay up with only the fan.

It's electric!!!

raising up a parachute by pulling on a rope

and now it's Chloe's turn to raise the parachute and then drop it.

building their own spinning tops and then testing them to see which "design" would spin the longest amount of time.


trying to get the penguin

testing out the race cars

more fishing

happy boy


Emily Doss said...

ummmm. You aren't in any of these pics! Looks like ya'll had a blast though. :)

Kimberly and Jordan said...

I like the giant tooth!