Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fall Soccer 2012 and Rainy Play

Yesterday kicked off Fall Soccer Season 2012 for Team Blevins. Chloe is has moved up to the U6 age group and with that move has come a little more aggressive players and longer practice times. David is one of her coaches this season and for that I am grateful...especially because he can take her to and from practice on Thursdays. Not that I mind, but honestly, I am in serious taxi driver mode since she has started school and has after-school activities 4 days/week. I like an afternoon where I can be home and get dinner prepped and ready before 6:30.
Anyways, the game went well on Saturday. Like I said, the girls are a little more aggressive, including Chloe, which meant she did not score her normal 5-6 goals this game. She scored 2 which is GREAT in soccer but she was disappointed in herself. David is going to talk to her about it since he played forever and can explain it better than I can. However, she did go out on that field definitely being the most high-fashion soccer player out there with her Hello Kitty socks and awesome sweaty band in. Not to mention the bright pink shorts and black/pink shoes. Yeah, she pretty much rocked it out there. Ha!

Here are some pictures. Not sure why they are blurry but here they are nonetheless...

And then this morning we woke up to lots of rain. The kids begged to go play in the rain before church so I said "go ahead." Shocking...I know. So, they jumped at the chance and grabbed their rain gear and headed outside.

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