Monday, September 24, 2012

Ethiopia Bound

David went to Ethiopia last summer with Ordinary Hero, a group based out of Nashville. Since returning, he has talked about it with excitement on many many occasions and has talked lots about going back some day.
I have always wanted to go to Africa to do mission work since I was a nurse. I always assumed it would be on a medical missions trip and I actually had an opportunity to go to Kenya this coming November, but something kept holding me back. The more I talked with David about it, the more we decided that we wanted to go together. But Kenya was just not the trip for us because David had fallen in love with Ethiopia and the people there.
So, about 3 weeks ago, we filled out our applications and were accepted to go with Ordinary Hero at the end of June 2013...that's just 9 months away!!! Our group leaders will be the founders of OH and we couldn't be more thrilled about that. I don't have specific details about our trip yet as those will come in the near future. But what I do have is this...


The contest is running just this week and the top seller of merchandise from the OH store gets this grant. This would be such a blessing to us as not only does 40% of your purchase go directly to our trip fund, but the grant would be HUGE since we are paying for the both of us to go.

Please visit this website SOON ( since the contest ends on September 30th, and pass it along to everyone you know. It's really simple. Get something cute from the store and when you go to check out, you will select "Kelly Blevins" in the affiliate drop down box. This will alert them to put the 40% in my account and to credit me the entire purchase cost for the grant. I am really hoping and praying that I will be the top seller.


Emily Doss said...

yay! I just bought Manny and our soon to be baby a shirt. :)

Kelly said...

Thank you Emily!!!!! Take a pic of Manny and the soon to be baby wearing their shirts and send it to me!!!