Sunday, September 30, 2012

B is for Boats and Bowling

As you may recall, Brody is learning a letter each week in Pre-K this year and they are discussing them in depth. Trying to carry on that learning at home, I have decided to attempt to make a craft with him each week that begins with his letter of the week. Last week, as you can see if you look back a post or two, we made a rocket ship and talked all about ASTRONAUTS. Brody has played with that rocket ship every single day and has loved it.
So, this week he learned about the letter B and they discussed bears at school along with bumblebees. At home, we did two things...we played a bowling game (not your typical one either) and we built him a boat.
First things first - bowling. I have a ton of red solo cups so I set them up in the dining room and told the kids to get a bouncy ball. Of course, they could not find one - I mean we only have a zillion of them (insert eye roll here). So, to keep the meltdowns at bay and to have a letter review, I let them use an APPLE as the ball and Brody told me what apple started with and what sound it made. Horrible or fun decide. The kids loved it. Chloe kept score and wrote down all of the numbers for her and Brody. We played this for about an hour and it truly was a lot of fun. The kids loved it and we talked about BOWLING, BALLS and APPLES.

not sure what was wrong with my camera, but here is an 
action shot with the apple going over the cups...

holding up their apples and scoreboard. Chloe won by 2 points...

And then the Saturday fun began. I didn't get a picture of the kids painting the boat because I had to keep my eyes on them to ensure paint didn't end up everywhere it shouldn't have. I really don't like to paint with the kids because of the huge mess it creates, but I am learning to let them do fun things and realize that messes can be cleaned up. No big deal. When it came time to paint the steering wheel for Brody though, I had David grab the camera and start snapping away. 

Brody chose to paint the one part of the steering wheel orange...his favorite color.

Chloe helped to cut out fish

And Brody cutting out his fish. I'm so proud of his cutting skills!!! He did great.

and of course we then had to "glitter-ize" the fish and seaweed.

finished product

named the USS Brody

Happy boy just out of the bath and into the boat.

Here he is pretending to be a pirate with his telescope. Later he grabbed his binoculars and his sword to keep in the boat with him...and some of his favorite books and blanket. Haha! He was preparing for bed as he said he would be sleeping in the boat tonight.

Now to figure out our C craft for next week...

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Carolyn said...

What a fantastic craft activity...also encourages imagination while palying. I love it!