Monday, September 10, 2012

Another First For Chloe

Last Monday morning (Sept. 3rd) Chloe came rushing into my room in a panic at 7:00. She was panicking because she had lost her first tooth!!! As in really LOST it. It had fallen out in her sleep and she could not find it in her bed or anywhere. I hopped up totally thrilled about her losing her first tooth and was so excited for her etc... but quickly realized that she was not in the mood to get excited until she had the tooth in her hands. So...David got up and went to search her bed. I silently prayed that she hadn't swallowed it, and she panicked. Within about 2 minutes, David appeared with the tooth in hand. WHEW!!! Crisis averted.
She asked questions throughout the day about the tooth fairy and I gave some pretty vague answers because I wanted it to be really exciting and surprising for her. And then I went to work coming up with a plan for the Tooth Fairy. I went to my very favorite website...PINTEREST and got lots of ideas. And as soon as Chloe went to bed that night, with her tooth under her pillow, I got to work. Here are the things I did:

Chloe asked what her Tooth Fairy's name was. I told her is was Flossie.

click on this to enlarge it and you can read the note the Tooth Fairy wrote

Ummm, didn't you know that the Tooth Fairy leave Fairy Dust on her money

her new tooth box decorated by none other than Flossie, the Tooth Fairy