Friday, September 21, 2012

A is for Astronaut

This week in preschool, Brody has been studying the letter "A". He is perfecting his "A" writing and we are diligently talking about what words start with the letter A. His class has done apple stamping, made apple men, and did a tasting of apples where the kids tasted yellow, red, and green apples and had to choose their favorite and then color a picture of it. Brody chose the green apple...the Granny Smith. Those are the only ones our whole family likes. Anyways, on Tuesday night when I was putting him to bed, he was really sad and wanted me to stay in the room with him. So I struck a deal with him that if he would go to bed that we would build a rocket ship the next day...just me and him while Chloe was at school. And I used it as a learning opportunity by telling him that building a rocket ship would be a great way to learn another A word...astronaut. He grinned and said he would go to bed so that we could build it the next day and then he could be a real astronaut.
The next day, I grabbed a box out of the garage and brought it upstairs where we got to work.  First, we covered it in pretty awesome black duct tape with space monsters on it. Then, on the top we put blue paper (we ran out of duct tape) and in marker we wrote "Brody's Rocket" and drew stars and the Earth. Then he wanted glitter on it to make it look more like stars so I put glue on the words and drawings and he sprinkled glitter on it. Normally, I HATE glitter because of the mess it makes but this time it was really fun watching him decorate his rocket and be so proud of his creation.
After we were done, he played astronaut the rest of the day and has even fell asleep in the rocket two nights in a row. No worries though, we have gotten him out and put him in his bed eventually...I mean the box is big, but not THAT big.

Can't wait to see what "B" creation we come up with for next week! In the meantime though, here are pics of the rocket ship and my little astronaut.

glitter galore

My little astronaut with his own space alien

testing it out for size

peeking through the handles

sleeping so soundly

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