Sunday, September 30, 2012

B is for Boats and Bowling

As you may recall, Brody is learning a letter each week in Pre-K this year and they are discussing them in depth. Trying to carry on that learning at home, I have decided to attempt to make a craft with him each week that begins with his letter of the week. Last week, as you can see if you look back a post or two, we made a rocket ship and talked all about ASTRONAUTS. Brody has played with that rocket ship every single day and has loved it.
So, this week he learned about the letter B and they discussed bears at school along with bumblebees. At home, we did two things...we played a bowling game (not your typical one either) and we built him a boat.
First things first - bowling. I have a ton of red solo cups so I set them up in the dining room and told the kids to get a bouncy ball. Of course, they could not find one - I mean we only have a zillion of them (insert eye roll here). So, to keep the meltdowns at bay and to have a letter review, I let them use an APPLE as the ball and Brody told me what apple started with and what sound it made. Horrible or fun decide. The kids loved it. Chloe kept score and wrote down all of the numbers for her and Brody. We played this for about an hour and it truly was a lot of fun. The kids loved it and we talked about BOWLING, BALLS and APPLES.

not sure what was wrong with my camera, but here is an 
action shot with the apple going over the cups...

holding up their apples and scoreboard. Chloe won by 2 points...

And then the Saturday fun began. I didn't get a picture of the kids painting the boat because I had to keep my eyes on them to ensure paint didn't end up everywhere it shouldn't have. I really don't like to paint with the kids because of the huge mess it creates, but I am learning to let them do fun things and realize that messes can be cleaned up. No big deal. When it came time to paint the steering wheel for Brody though, I had David grab the camera and start snapping away. 

Brody chose to paint the one part of the steering wheel orange...his favorite color.

Chloe helped to cut out fish

And Brody cutting out his fish. I'm so proud of his cutting skills!!! He did great.

and of course we then had to "glitter-ize" the fish and seaweed.

finished product

named the USS Brody

Happy boy just out of the bath and into the boat.

Here he is pretending to be a pirate with his telescope. Later he grabbed his binoculars and his sword to keep in the boat with him...and some of his favorite books and blanket. Haha! He was preparing for bed as he said he would be sleeping in the boat tonight.

Now to figure out our C craft for next week...

Monday, September 24, 2012

Ethiopia Bound

David went to Ethiopia last summer with Ordinary Hero, a group based out of Nashville. Since returning, he has talked about it with excitement on many many occasions and has talked lots about going back some day.
I have always wanted to go to Africa to do mission work since I was a nurse. I always assumed it would be on a medical missions trip and I actually had an opportunity to go to Kenya this coming November, but something kept holding me back. The more I talked with David about it, the more we decided that we wanted to go together. But Kenya was just not the trip for us because David had fallen in love with Ethiopia and the people there.
So, about 3 weeks ago, we filled out our applications and were accepted to go with Ordinary Hero at the end of June 2013...that's just 9 months away!!! Our group leaders will be the founders of OH and we couldn't be more thrilled about that. I don't have specific details about our trip yet as those will come in the near future. But what I do have is this...


The contest is running just this week and the top seller of merchandise from the OH store gets this grant. This would be such a blessing to us as not only does 40% of your purchase go directly to our trip fund, but the grant would be HUGE since we are paying for the both of us to go.

Please visit this website SOON ( since the contest ends on September 30th, and pass it along to everyone you know. It's really simple. Get something cute from the store and when you go to check out, you will select "Kelly Blevins" in the affiliate drop down box. This will alert them to put the 40% in my account and to credit me the entire purchase cost for the grant. I am really hoping and praying that I will be the top seller.

Friday, September 21, 2012

A is for Astronaut

This week in preschool, Brody has been studying the letter "A". He is perfecting his "A" writing and we are diligently talking about what words start with the letter A. His class has done apple stamping, made apple men, and did a tasting of apples where the kids tasted yellow, red, and green apples and had to choose their favorite and then color a picture of it. Brody chose the green apple...the Granny Smith. Those are the only ones our whole family likes. Anyways, on Tuesday night when I was putting him to bed, he was really sad and wanted me to stay in the room with him. So I struck a deal with him that if he would go to bed that we would build a rocket ship the next day...just me and him while Chloe was at school. And I used it as a learning opportunity by telling him that building a rocket ship would be a great way to learn another A word...astronaut. He grinned and said he would go to bed so that we could build it the next day and then he could be a real astronaut.
The next day, I grabbed a box out of the garage and brought it upstairs where we got to work.  First, we covered it in pretty awesome black duct tape with space monsters on it. Then, on the top we put blue paper (we ran out of duct tape) and in marker we wrote "Brody's Rocket" and drew stars and the Earth. Then he wanted glitter on it to make it look more like stars so I put glue on the words and drawings and he sprinkled glitter on it. Normally, I HATE glitter because of the mess it makes but this time it was really fun watching him decorate his rocket and be so proud of his creation.
After we were done, he played astronaut the rest of the day and has even fell asleep in the rocket two nights in a row. No worries though, we have gotten him out and put him in his bed eventually...I mean the box is big, but not THAT big.

Can't wait to see what "B" creation we come up with for next week! In the meantime though, here are pics of the rocket ship and my little astronaut.

glitter galore

My little astronaut with his own space alien

testing it out for size

peeking through the handles

sleeping so soundly

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fall Soccer 2012 and Rainy Play

Yesterday kicked off Fall Soccer Season 2012 for Team Blevins. Chloe is has moved up to the U6 age group and with that move has come a little more aggressive players and longer practice times. David is one of her coaches this season and for that I am grateful...especially because he can take her to and from practice on Thursdays. Not that I mind, but honestly, I am in serious taxi driver mode since she has started school and has after-school activities 4 days/week. I like an afternoon where I can be home and get dinner prepped and ready before 6:30.
Anyways, the game went well on Saturday. Like I said, the girls are a little more aggressive, including Chloe, which meant she did not score her normal 5-6 goals this game. She scored 2 which is GREAT in soccer but she was disappointed in herself. David is going to talk to her about it since he played forever and can explain it better than I can. However, she did go out on that field definitely being the most high-fashion soccer player out there with her Hello Kitty socks and awesome sweaty band in. Not to mention the bright pink shorts and black/pink shoes. Yeah, she pretty much rocked it out there. Ha!

Here are some pictures. Not sure why they are blurry but here they are nonetheless...

And then this morning we woke up to lots of rain. The kids begged to go play in the rain before church so I said "go ahead." Shocking...I know. So, they jumped at the chance and grabbed their rain gear and headed outside.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Another First For Chloe

Last Monday morning (Sept. 3rd) Chloe came rushing into my room in a panic at 7:00. She was panicking because she had lost her first tooth!!! As in really LOST it. It had fallen out in her sleep and she could not find it in her bed or anywhere. I hopped up totally thrilled about her losing her first tooth and was so excited for her etc... but quickly realized that she was not in the mood to get excited until she had the tooth in her hands. So...David got up and went to search her bed. I silently prayed that she hadn't swallowed it, and she panicked. Within about 2 minutes, David appeared with the tooth in hand. WHEW!!! Crisis averted.
She asked questions throughout the day about the tooth fairy and I gave some pretty vague answers because I wanted it to be really exciting and surprising for her. And then I went to work coming up with a plan for the Tooth Fairy. I went to my very favorite website...PINTEREST and got lots of ideas. And as soon as Chloe went to bed that night, with her tooth under her pillow, I got to work. Here are the things I did:

Chloe asked what her Tooth Fairy's name was. I told her is was Flossie.

click on this to enlarge it and you can read the note the Tooth Fairy wrote

Ummm, didn't you know that the Tooth Fairy leave Fairy Dust on her money

her new tooth box decorated by none other than Flossie, the Tooth Fairy

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Fun

This morning we woke up and decided to take the kids to Nashville to the Adventure Science Center. We have always talked about doing it, but have never gotten around to it...until today. So we loaded up in the car around 11:00 and headed down. The kids were so excited to be going and were super good in the car!
I took so many pictures that I will just caption them all and you will see what all we did. Needless to say, we all had a blast and look forward to going again. So glad that we FINALLY went!

Brody, the Archeologist

We loved the health section of the museum. This was the kids favorite part I think.

saving a life 

Brody taking his blood pressure

Chloe driving the ambulance. Looks like she is turning a tight curve.

David getting cozy with the spine-less dude

Chloe studying the body and trying to figure out where to place all of the organs. 

Brody also liked the spine-less dude

More fun in the ambulance. If there was a button to be pushed, he pushed it 12 times!

The big brain maze

Brody brushing the big tooth

working together to clean the tooth

whacking the unhealthy food choices that popped up

this was a neat exhibit!

climbing up the the next level via the tunnel. Look at that missing tooth smile!

Dinosaur exhibit. Brody really enjoyed looking at this.

Giant piano - Chloe had a blast jumping on it.

The kids could make music by sticking the vacuum hose up to each tube.

adding pressure to the "rockets" in order to shoot them high up into the air. This exhibit was lots of fun and I think we did it 3-4 times.

They all look like they are studying something, huh?

Brody built several towers with the blocks and then pushed the red button on the front of the table to make the table shake and simulate and earthquake. This was fun to do with him.

A walk through the solar system. VERY fun exhibits!

Pure joy in making the beach ball stay up with only the fan.

It's electric!!!

raising up a parachute by pulling on a rope

and now it's Chloe's turn to raise the parachute and then drop it.

building their own spinning tops and then testing them to see which "design" would spin the longest amount of time.


trying to get the penguin

testing out the race cars

more fishing

happy boy