Monday, August 20, 2012

Dear Brody...

Dear Brody,
You are four years old now. I cannot even believe that you are FOUR!!! Where have the past 4 years gone? I can so remember on August 18th, 2008 leaving for the hospital at 10:30 AM for a scheduled c-section and I clearly remember how excited your daddy and I were to finally meet you. I will never forget the sweet little look you had when you were born, and the way you just cuddled up to me right away. Such sweet sweet memories or you dear Brody. You have been such a blessing to this family but especially to me. You are for certain a "mommy's baby" and you have me wrapped around your little pinky...tightly!
So this past year, here is what you have been up to:
You have mastered getting haircuts without crying and without having to sit in my lap during them.
You have grown several inches and have put on about 5 pounds.
Despite that growth though, you are still in 24 month size gym shorts, 3T size regular shorts, and 3T shirts. In some stores though, you still wear a 2T shirt. You have such a teeny tiny little waist that nothing fits unless there is an adjustable waist built in.
You have learned how to spell and write your name.
You have learned how to spell "Chloe, No, Yes, Mommy, Daddy".
You learned how to dress yourself although you still prefer me to help you.
You have developed an intense passion for all things superhero...especially Spiderman.
You still cling to me when I drop you off at Parent's Day Out, church, with a sitter, etc...but secretly I like it because it helps me to know that you just want to be with your mama :)
You have started memorizing Bible verses and you know that Jesus is God's Son and that He forgives our sins. You also know that He died on the cross and lives in Heaven now.
You have developed a fear of all dogs...except for Cabot. I'm not sure where this comes from since we have a dog, but I get it because I was ridiculously afraid of dogs until I was probably 25 year old or so.
You are dying for a pet hamster, parrot, or Yorkie dog. I say no pets that even remotely resemble a rat, no talking animals, and we will discuss a Yorkie at another time.
You LOVE to be read to.
You LOVE playing daddy's iPad and are really really good at those games!
You still come into our bed every night between midnight and 2 AM and curl up with me and fall right back asleep. I secretly love this.
You still tell us that you are "mommy's baby, daddy's boy, Op-Op's buddy and Granny's doll."
You and Chloe are BEST friends! You LOVE playing with your sister and can go from playing house with her to Kung Fu Panda with her in 2.2 seconds.
You have started loving sour candy.
You are somewhat a home-body and are content to just hang out here with the family every day.
Your favorite food is PB&J sandwich.
Your favorite cartoon is Tom and Jerry.
Your favorite color is orange (because it's Daddy's favorite color).
Your favorite drink is a CapriSun.
You still have your "baby Donald" and still play with him.
Your favorite "zoo" animal is a penguin...and you pronounce it "peen-guh-win."
You have learned how to poopy in the potty and pee in the potty. You still have terrible aim from time to time, but when you pay attention your aim is right on.
You are a great little soccer player and are LEFT-footed.
You are such a silly little boy. When things around here are tense or mommy is stressed out, you have a certain little way about you that can calm any situation and can bring a smile and a laugh to everyone.

Brody, I love you to the moon and back a million times over to infinity and beyond. You bring so much joy to our family and I am so thankful that God chose me to be your mommy. I often get overwhelmed when I think how lucky I am that I was chosen for you. I look forward to watching you grow and learn this year. Keep smiling, giggling, and being the sweet little boy that you are.

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