Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Brody's Birthday Party Pictures

Keeping in line with last year, when asked what kind of party he wanted this year, Brody replied, "a Spiderman party and only you, daddy, Chloe and me at my party. So, after wrapping my head around his request of NOT have tons of kids and all the real party stuff, I sulked for a day and then gave him his wish. A family party, right here at home. I was able to go all out though since we were not spending money on a party, favors, special napkins, invitations, food, ice cream, juice galore, etc... So in turn, he got a few more presents than normal, a much bigger cake because it was the one he really really wanted, and a lot of love and attention from out family of four. It was a glorious day to be honest. No stress, no worrying if the house was clean enough...only focusing on our little boy.
Since he is all things Spiderman right now, his party was such themed. Here are the pictures. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

awesome cake from Publix

pointing out all of the cool things about the cake

opening his penguin DreamLite - he loves this thing and has been asking for one for a very long time. He was totally surprised when he saw it!

opening his costume

big "thank you" hug to his sister for the gift she gave him of the costume and gloves

SpiderMan holding his stuffed Spiderman

being Spiderman with a little help from daddy

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