Thursday, August 2, 2012


Today has been quite hysterical in my house. Brody has had several conversations with me that I had to document so that I could look back one day and remember them. Here we go:

Upon his waking this morning, he ran to my shower and proceeded to have this conversation:
Brody - mom mom, we forgot to go outside and get my pet hamster
Me - Brody, mommy said you can't have a hamster until we don't have Cabot anymore. Remember, Cabot might eat the hamster?
Brody - But mommy, you said hamsters were in the back yard and I could have one if I could find it in the backyard
Me - (thinks to myself, "crap, he remembered that lie I told him!) I know Brody but I also said we couldn't look for any in the yard until we didn't have Cabot anymore (ie dies).
Brody - mommy, when can I give Cabot some chocolate?

OMG!!! He knows chocolate will make dogs very sick and die and he actually wanted to give him some...just so he can have a hamster. Newsflash son - we will never have anything in this house that even remotely resembles a mouse or a rat!

In the car on the way to Publix:
Brody - mom mom, did you know that Jesus died on the cross in Nashville?
Me - (slight chuckle) Really Brody? Nashville? I had no idea.
Brody - yeah and that's where my baby Donald died on the cross too!
Me - (little more of a chuckle) Actually Brody, Jesus died on the cross in a country called Israel. Can you say Israel?
Brody - Israel. Mommy, did you know that Dave is from Israel?
Me - Dave?!? Who is Dave? Do you mean David? Like King David?
Brody - No mom. I mean like Dave and the Giant Pickle (veggie tale movie!!!). You know Dave who kills that great big man with a rock! Mommy, if a great big man comes to my house I will kill him with a rock too. Hey mom, Dave is like daddy's name David!

I LOVED this conversation! How sweet and cute and how completely thrilled I am that he is recalling Bible stories...even if they are from Veggie Tales and even if he does momentarily think Jesus died on the cross in Nashville with Brody's baby Donald. Haha!!!!

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