Sunday, July 8, 2012

Independence Day Fun

July 4th was spent in Atlanta, GA again this year with the Blevins side of the family. We packed up and headed out on the 3rd to spend the holiday with them and enjoy some nice, relaxing down-time.
On the actual holiday, we went to the Marietta Parade which is held at the Marietta Square. Honestly, it was super nice as far as the weather was concerned , but the parade left a little to be desired. Last year, it was phenomenal, but there were TONS of political/election "floats" this year so it wasn't that great. However, we did love the firetrucks, firemen, and the military parade participants. Again this year, Brody got a few high-5's from several firemen and Chloe actually had someone yell to her from their float that they loved her shoes. It was cute! Before the parade was over, we packed up and headed further down the Square for lunch and to take in the crafts, and fair food. Indulgence is all I am going to in homemade ice cream that was to die for!
Later that evening we went back downtown for fireworks which were awesome!!! We truly enjoyed that experience and we were far enough away that the kids loved them too because the noise tolerable.

As for the rest of the week in Atlanta here is how it went down...
* we visited with David's 91 year old granny several times in the skilled nursing facility that she is at. She had to go there because she got a bad case of pneumonia a while back and her strength was just not coming back very quickly. She looks so beautiful and is still all smiles. I really enjoyed getting to spend time with her and the kids loved it too.
* Chloe, myself, and David's mom went to have lunch at the American Girl store. SO MUCH FUN!!! The waiters were dressed in black pants, white dress shirts and hot pink aprons (and most of them were MEN). Our waiter was super nice to Chloe and her American Girl doll, Bailey. They even gave Bailey here own seat and tea cup. After lunch, we shopped a bit in the AG store and added to Bailey's clothing collection.
* David and I stole away one night and got to spend time with our friends, Scott and Sarah Bertini. Scott and David have been friends for 17 years while Sarah and I have forged a friendship because of our husbands. She is wonderful and I truly enjoy spending time with them both. We just wish that we lived closer to them.
* And then there were several visits to the playgrounds near my in-laws home.

Here are some pictures of our short but sweet trip...

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